Guest Speaker Session: Public Speaking

A talk with Mr. Ali Raza Abidi

Karachi, April 15th, 2013: A guest speaker session was held here for students of Interactive English Course. The speaker, Mr. Ali Raza Abidi, spoke about the fear of public speaking and how to conquer it. Mr. Abidi is the President of Express Toastmaster Club at Toastmasters International and Head of Consumer/SME at Bank Al Habib Limited. The two hour session was attended by participants of the newly designed Interactive English course by Business English Department at IBA, Karachi.

The GSS was well received by the participants as it offered valuable tips on the art of public speaking. The session was also attended by Mr. Izhar Hussain, Director CEE.

Some of the Testimonials:

“Ali Raza Abidi presented everything very well. The way he interacts with everyone is just mind boggling. He is so confident and friendly. This session will help a lot for our future presentation skills. I wish him all the best for his upcoming life. Thank you so much. Good Luck!”-Program participant.

“A great trainer and speaker enthusiastic, conducted the whole session with unique learning strategy, “ESL” – Engage/Study/Learn. Good luck to IBA and respected guest speaker.”-Program participant.