Problem Solving & Decision Making for the Executives of MERCK Pakistan Limited

Post Program Session

Center for Executive Education hosted a 2 hour post evaluation session at MERCK Head office on June 24, 2013 of the Workshop on ‘’Problem Solving & Decision Making’’ held from 22 to 23 March 2013 at CEE, IBA City Campus. Sales & Regional Managers of various Business Units participated in this session.

Mr. Zafar Siddiqui, Lead Trainer led the session which was very open and candid. Participants interaction level was high and most of the participants gave their inputs how the acquired skills is helping them to get better results in their routine job.

Participants Feedback:

  • This approach really help in digging out the problem deeply enough to understand the ultimate root cause rather making assumptions. Really helpful in my job!

  • This training helps me to understand, never come up to the conclusion quickly, involve team members in decision making process to get better results.

  • The content and methodology of training is that powerful that I cascade the same to my subordinates and see a very positive change in people mindset.

  • This session build up confidence in me that every problem have a solution only if you are actually willing to find out the actual root cause of the problem and simultaneously solution is based on facts and reality rather believes on assumptions.

Directors Business Unit’s Feedback:
- Outstanding session and interaction level of participants shows that these participants look prominent in other group in term of their knowledge.

- Great initiative of conducting Post Evaluation session. Now participants should cascade this training to their subordinate both formal / informal way. Get interact with team on frequent basis and help them in finding solution to their problem as well.

-Knowledge sharing with participants was excellent. It will give me a great confidence that we are on right track and we took right initiative of learning and development of our employees

- I see a great confidence in the participant the way they shared their experience with us and now we are into a right system of learning.