Managing Family Businesses

About MFB Programs

The Institute of Business Administration, Karachi offers a 10-workshop modular program for family businessmen in Pakistan. It is a modular workshop series that would run for 10 months covering one weekend - once a month.

The series of 10 workshops will bring a unique expertise in Family Managed Business Education focusing on enabling the family businesses to get on the fast track growth.

It is focused to address the concerns about adapting to the emerging opportunities and managing the growth. It involves structured work in all the three areas of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude.

Designed to address the concerns about adapting to the emerging opportunities and managing the growth this programe aims at providing a guided opportunity to the participants to:

  1. Reflect on their current style of running business
  2. Identify the new elements required for gearing up for the change
  3. Start working on the same

"After attending these workshops in IBA during last 8-9 months I used to ask myself, it does not sound good if ignore the warning signs. Real life examples are available on any argument, query, disagreement etc. I will recommend this series to all family businessmen and members of their families. Normally in family business management positions are inherited, whereas management is a responsibility and discipline, I hope after attending these workshops, Family Members will be in a position to differentiate Ownership, Business and Management. The faculty of SPJIMR was Superb & Admirable."

Mr. Abdullah Feroz
Dollar Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

"This series helped identifying weakness and neglected areas especially areas where small changes mean increase in profitability as well as correcting focus on business in terms of continuity and growth. This program deals with practical issues faced by business people in their daily routine and as a result have been assumed to be under control/solved. In reality these underlying issues hamper growth and performance of organization. Due to practical nature of the workshop, I will recommend other Family Businessmen in Pakistan to join this one of a kind series."

Mr. Osama Shuja
Project Manager
Shujauddin & Brothers

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