Diploma in Family Managed Business- Fri-Sat

Time: Fri: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Sat: 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Sat: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Venue: CEE@IBA,Karachi Download Flyer
Info: ceeinfo@iba.edu.pk apply online
Contact: Tel: (0213) 8104701 (Ext:1822, 1812, 1804, 1809)  
Orientation Ceremony 4th Sept, 2020
Class commencement 4th Sept, 2020
  • Importance of Family Managed Businesses

    In most economies, family businesses account for two thirds of businesses with an estimated 70% to 90% contribution to Global GDP (Family First Institute). 33% of the Fortune Global 500 are linked to family managed businesses (Deloitte). Family businesses create 50% to 80% jobs worldwide. With contributions to national income, growth and employment, family businesses truly serve as the bedrock of any economy. In addition, family businesses have the world over significant share in philanthropic efforts.

    There are over 50,000 family businesses operating in Pakistan (Center for International Private Enterprise). This excludes small roadside businesses in the country. And over 80% of companies listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange are in same way related to a family business.

  • Challenges facing Family Managed Businesses

    Only 3% of all family businesses worldwide remain in business for more than three generations.

    Family firms differ from other businesses as they combine family and business. This distinctive feature is an asset but may turn into a liability if not managed effectively.

    As family managed firms evolve they become complex. The transition from first generation (founder) to the second (Sibling partnership) and third (Cousin Confederation) generation presents a number of questions related to governance and sustainability. Research indicates if a structured approach is not employed during each transition there is a high likelihood that the family business may not achieve its full potential and succumb to competition as a result of infighting.

    "Most critical issues facing family businesses are family-based issues more than they are business-based issues"

  • Family Business Programs at the CEE

    Since 2012, the Center for Executive Education has hosted more than 30 workshops in Lahore & Karachi and over 50 seminars in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad and Multan. The workshops were conducted by Prof. Parimal Merchant, Global Director Family Managed Business, SP Jain School of Global Management. Prof. Parimal is a stalwart in the field of family business management. He has over 24 years of management education experience with 16 years solely focused on family business education. Prof. Parimal has a rich experience in profit improvement consultancy for family businesses in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

    More than 1000 family businesspersons consisting of family business owners, employees working for family businesses, spouses and next generation family members have a¬ttended these workshops. Each of them without exception is looking forward to the future with great optimism.

    CEE has also hosted programs for leading communities and associations including Bohra & Khoja Community, Delhi Saudagran Youth Forum, Gujranwala Business Council, JIBA, Karachi Chapter, Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Pakistan Gems & Jewelry Development Company (PGJDC), Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) and Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts.

  • Diploma Themes
    • Significance of family business governance and dynamics of family communication and trust creation
    • Challenges FMB face and response strategies
    • Reviving the spirit of entrepreneurship
    • Managing non-family talent
    • Succession planning, wealth management, capital allocation, and professionalization in family managed business (FMB)
  • Partnership with the Asian Institute of Family Managed Business (AIFMB)

    The Center for Executive Education (CEE) has entered into a partnership with the Asian Institute of Family Managed Business (AIFMB), a 'not for profit' center working to promote the growth of Family Business Entrepreneurship. The center works with leading faculty and family businesses within the region to promote family business education.

    Participants Successfully Completing the Diploma in Family Manage Business will receive additional training in the form of a "Certificate in Business Fundamentals" awarded by the AIFMB.

  • Curriculum and Structure

    The Diploma covers family dynamics, management and soft skills within the following modules:

    • Family Dynamics
    • Family business governance
    • People management
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
    • Basics of Finance
    • Wealth Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Operations Management
    • Law
    • Women in family business
  • Program Architecture
    • 4-month weekend program led by family business members
    • Blended experiential learning
    • Taught by family business members, industry practitioners and academics
    • Distinguished guest speakers and family business cases
    • Industrial Visit
  • Enrollment Criteria
    • Enrollmentss will be based on Panel Interviews.
    • Each application will be thoroughly screened and will only be accepted if deemed suitable for the program.
    • Nominations with incomplete application forms and incomplete documents will not be entertained.
  • Program Fees
    Program Fees: PKR 150,000/- (excluding all applicable taxes)

    Advance Payment Schedule Total
    Total fee in Advance Aer 15% discount PKR 127,500/-
    Last date of fee submission 24th December, 2019
    (Group Discounts are available)
    Installments Payment Schedule Total
    Total Fee (if paid in 4 equal installments) PKR 37,500 PKR 37,500 PKR 37,500 PKR 37,500 PKR 150,000
    Last Date of fee submission 24th December, 2019 10th January, 2020 8th February, 2020 9th March, 2020  

    • Processing fees, Test and Exam Fees, Diploma and Transcript. Fees do not include course material, books and stationery.
    • Enrollment fees PKR 1000/-
  • Payment

    Payment is due upon receipt of the acceptance of participants to the program along with the invoice. Please ensure that the payment reaches the CEE Office before commencement of the program because seat in the class will only be reserved once the fee is received.

    Payment can be made via cheque / bank draft payable to the "Institute of Business Administration, Karachi" at the following address:
    Center for Executive Education (CEE)
    IBA, City Campus, Garden/Kayani Shaheed Road,

    For online payments via credit cards:
    From dropdown 1 & 2 please select 'Executive Education'

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