Executive Director Message

Welcome to the Center for Executive Education (CEE) at IBA, Karachi!

Since 2004, the Center for Executive Education (CEE) at IBA, Karachi has been working to transform managers into leaders in the public, family business and the corporate sectors of Pakistan. We do this through offering a range of educational programs covering governance, leadership, strategy and other specialized subjects.

Our programs prepare participants to reach new levels of success in their careers while helping their organizations achieve increased value, productivity, impact and employee satisfaction. Along with expanding their knowledge and enhancing their skills in key leadership areas, program participants learn the importance of adaptability and how to manage ongoing uncertainty while remaining focused on their organization's goals and values. Participants also explore how to inspire and implement innovation in their organisation, and form successful strategic alliances with external partners with be-spoken and open programs as well as post-graduate and diploma programs.

A committed faculty, drawn from academia and industry, provides practical management knowledge and experience. The faculty consists of outstanding experts in their fields who actively engage course participants in an intense and rewarding learning process.

Action learning is at the heart of executive education at CEE. It blurs the line between "work" and "learning" by bringing CEE directly into the workplace. The objective is to help participants act more creatively and deepen their learning capacity as current and future leaders working in complex organizations. Leadership in this model is another name for continual life-long learning.

I welcome you to expand your horizons by participating in the educational program at IBA-CEE.

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