Executive Education for Teachers


Executive Education is now not limited to MNCs or public sector but SDP has introduced it to the education field as well. SDP introduced a new series of Skills Development of Teachers programs. Two program in this series targeted towards Early Childhood Development (ECD) have already taken place on February 7-March 1, 2015 & April 4-19, 2015. 39 teachers were trained in these two courses.

Bay view Pre High School, Happy Home School, Haque Academy, Mid Asia Foundation School, DHA School System, The Intellect School, AKESP, SMB Quaid-e-Azam Public School (Sindh Madrassatul Islam), Foundation Public School, & Head Start School System participated in these courses.

The course comprised of five mini workshops to equip teachers with basic understanding of teaching and learning process. Following topics were covered: Presentation Skills; How children learn? Active vs passive learning. Exploring different learning styles of individuals; Development Appropriate Practices (DAP); Lesson Planning; Reflection & Feedback

Ms. Karima Merchant was the trainer of this course. Ms Karima Merchant who is also the IBA Alumnus is a highly qualified individual in the field of education and teaching with versatile experience of teacher training and academic supervision at renowned schools. She has more than 7 years of teaching experience and has briefly taught in London and Birmingham as well. Ms Merchant holds a double Master's degree, with distinction, in Arts of Education and Teaching from University of London. She currently holds the position of an Academic Coordinator at Haque Academy.

This series will now offer targeted courses for teachers involved in early childhood education.

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