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Sun 10:00am - 5:00pm
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Venue: CEE@IBA,Karachi Academic Plan
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Online Forms availability October 1, 2020
Submission of forms deadline December 18, 2020
Test and Interviews: December 20, 2020
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Orientation Ceremony January 2, 2021
  • Message from Academic Director

    Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management (PGD-PM) has been developed by IBA Karachi after extensive deliberations and planning in response to the need for specialist project managers by industry. The global evolution of project management, from a part-time additional responsibility to a domain of its own with its particular separate specializations, has created skills development and training challenges. The competency gap is more conspicuous locally. This program is specifically designed to bridge the gap and transform the existing as well as aspiring project managers into specialists of project management. The rigor and relevance of this program, epitome of IBA, will help the participants transform into responsible and competent project management professionals with strong ethical, societal, and moral values. Thus, be a source of much desired and highly sought after genera of project management specialists.

    Engr. Dr. Syed Irfan Nabi
    BSc (Engg), MS, PGDTE, PE, PhD, PMP®,
    Program Director PGD- Project Management
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Management and Faculty of Computer Science
    IBA, Karachi

  • Program Overview

    Project Management is a structured approach to operationalization of any strategic initiative, or for developing a new product or service, or to bring about improvement in any existing process or system. Project management, traditionally considered as a work-sharing ancillary task, has transformed into a highly sought after specialization. To cater for this need of specialized project managers a professional diploma program in Project Management is being designed to equip participants with expert skills to manage the Project Management Function.

  • Mission Statement

    Project Management (PM) professional diploma program (PGD-PM) has been developed to fill the competency gap between existing occasional project managers to highly specialized and dedicated project management experts. This program will transform the participants into Project Management Specialists. We will develop them into life-long learners by providing an environment which is full of rigor and relevance. This will prepare them to deal with existing and future challenges by developing their project management acumen, leadership skill, professional ethics and social sense.

  • Program Objectives
    • To develop highly skilled practitioners with an in-depth understanding of the five projects management processes of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Close-out.
    • To familiarize the participants with the best practices in evaluating and managing projects (both local and international).
    • Establish an understanding of developing and running a company's Portfolio; Project Departments, and Project Management Offices.
    • Contribute in a business's strategic planning by understanding the business needs and finding opportunities (projects) to fulfill those needs.
    • Develop resources including human resource that can lead a company to transform from Non-Project Driven to Project Driven organizational environment.
    • To impart study techniques that will help prepare participants for the International certificate examinations especially PMP®.
    • To acquire tools of leadership, problem solving & decision making.
  • Learning Outcomes
    • Prepare competent Project Managers who are able to evaluate and manage Projects using best practices.
    • Establish an understanding of developing and running a company's projects through Portfolio, Project Departments, and Project Management Offices.
    • Understand and contribute in a business's strategic planning.
    • Develop human resource that can lead a company to transform from Non-Project Driven to Project Driven environment
    • Bridge the competency gap and to enhance the professionalism of those involved in the industry by combining academic theory with best practices
  • Program Outcomes

    After successfully completing Project Management professional diploma program (PGD-PM), the participants will attain ability to:

    • Define and express fundamental issues at the strategic, design /tactical and operational levels in project management.
    • Identify and illustrate the basic initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, control and closeout integrations elements for effective project management.
    • Know and comprehend local and global contemporary issues having implications on project management.
    • Apply modern modeling and simulation techniques, along with project management relevant standards, best practices, technology and computing tools.
    • Identify, formulate and solve project management problems, and balance among the technical, business and softer factors while choosing among alternatives.
    • Critique on elements of a project selection, evaluation, planning and execution, and their impact on business objectives along with recommendations for improvements.
    • Continuously engage in education, professional development and personal effectiveness.
    • Manifest project management and team skills in diverse cultural setting.
    • Communicate effectively with written, oral, and visual means in a technical setting.
    • Appreciate the importance of ethical, social and environmental issues with business dilemmas.
  • Faculty

    The top leading faculty for the program is drawn from a mix of Academicians, Industry Practitioners and globally renowned professional.

  • Who Should Apply?
    • Management level Executives wanting to enhance their skills in the Project Management area.
    • Those who are managing Project of any magnitude, or anyone who whants to opt for Project Management (Mid-career shift)
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • 14-years minimum, with 6 years of job experience or
    • 16-years of education, with 3 years of job experience; more desirable
  • Registrations
    • English, analytical and subject based multiple choice questions (MCQs)
    • General essay
    • Interview
  • Salient Features
    • 1 year weekend program ideal for working professionals
    • Case Study based teaching
    • Real life learning
    • Simulations
    • Guest speaker sessions
    • Industry Trips
    • Live Projects
    • Video Conferences
  • Pedagogy
    • In-depth study of various projects in Pakistan
    • Learning from the best practices & functions of projects around the world
    • Case Studies
    • International Journals
    • Text Books
    • Standards & Certifications
    • Lecture (Class room & Video Conference)
    • Project (Live business cases from the organizations)
    • Group Activities / Simulations/ Syndicate
    • Visits: Strategic Locations
  • Curriculum Program Structure (42 Credit Hours)
    • Core – Nine courses 27 Credits hours
    • Elective - Three courses 9 Credit hours
    • Capstone Project 6 Credit hours
  • Courses
    Course Code Course Name Core/Elective
    MGT 555 Project Management Core
    PMG 511 Project Planning, Execution & Control Core
    PMG 521 Leading Project Organization Core
    PMG 571 Project Risk Management Core
    PMG 541 Project Management Information Systems Core
    PMG 601 Advance Topics in Project Management Core
    SCM 534 Managing Contracts & Suppliers Relationship Core
    MTS 506 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making Core
    PMG 531 Accounting & Finance for Managers Core
    PMG 551 Establishing Effective PMOs Elective
    PMG 532 Project Feasibility Analysis Elective
    PMG 561 Development Sector Project Management Elective
    PMG 581 Managing through Constraints (Theory of Constraint) Elective
    SCM 548 Quality Management Elective
    MGT 557 Organizational Behavior & Leadership Elective
    MGT 510 Operations and Production Management Elective
    MKT 559 Supply Chain Management Elective
    PRJ 705 Project Management Project (Capstone) Project
  • PGD-Project Management Course Plan
    Trimester - 1 Trimester - 2 Trimester - 3
    1. Project Management 5. Project Risk Management 9. Managing Contracts & Suppliers Relationship
    2. Accounting & Finance for Managers 6. Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 10. Advance Topics in Project Management
    3. Project Planning, Execution & Control 7. Project Management Information Systems 11. Elective Course – 2
    4. Leading Project Organization 8. Elective Course – 1 12. Elective Course – 3
  • The Testing Procedures*

    The testing procedures are congruent with these pedagogical objectives and are designed to ensure that the above is achieved. Students will be assessed on the following.

    Course Evaluation  
    Class Participation/ Presentation/ Quiz 15%
    Midterm exam 20%
    Case study 20%
    Group Project 20%
    Final Exam 25%
    TOTAL 100%
  • Test and Interviews

    Preliminary Test and Interviews will be conducted to shortlist the candidates.

  • Fees Structure
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