Public Procurement Management

(Includes PPRA and KPPRA Procurement Rules)
A Customized program for USAID Pakistan

Public Procurement Management

The Center for Executive Education (CEE) at IBA, Karachi organized a five-days' workshop from 10 to 14 August 2018, on "Public Procurement Management", specifically focused on "Public Procurement Framework and Regulations in Federal and KPK". This workshop highlighted case studies and examples to equip better understanding of Procurement Management under PPRA Rules for Professionals hailing from Public as well as Private sector.

The participants learned the following:

  • Learning phases of procurement life cycle from both buyers and sellers' perspectives;
  • Understanding of key issues and best practices in procurement management;
  • Understanding different procurement methods;
  • Selecting the right procurement method with the aid of theories, principle and tools;
  • Preparing and evaluating bidding documents;
  • Exposure to tons of real-time cases and examples, and;
  • Transformation into Life-long Learners as exposed to Global Certifications and Associations.

The participants were the procurement specialists from the USAID vendor organizations. Some of the organizations include:

1. Auditor General of Pakistan
2. FATA Secretariat
3. Halcrow Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
4. HEC
6. NHA
11. Works and Services Department, FATA

The following IBA faculty members delivered the workshop:

  • Dr. Rameez Khalid, Director Business Administration Programs, IBA, Karachi
  • Dr. S. M. Faisal Iradat, Assistant Professor of CS, IBA, Karachi
  • Dr. Shahid Mir, Director Quality Enhancement Cell, IBA, Karachi
  • Mohammad Sohaib Saleem, Assistant Professor of Law, IBA, Karachi

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