SDP stepped into tailor-made courses

SDP finally stepped into conducting tailor-made courses for organizations. These courses were designed as per clients' requirements to make it more relevant and ultimately increasing productivity of executives attending these courses.

(a) Marketing Excellence for SAMI Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

This program comprised of four modules/four courses. First two modules (i) Communication Design and (ii) Market Research were held from March 20-June 13, 2015 only on Fridays & Saturdays. 24 executives from SAMI's sales & marketing team have been selected for this course. Third Module of Product Management is currently being held and fourth one on Branding Pharma Products will be conducted in Sep 2015.

This development program is designed to provide participants with learning opportunities induce new concepts in marketing and business development skills of product managers, group products managers and marketing managers.

Workshop has received very good feedback from participants and it is continuously improved as per input and requirements received from client.

We want to thank SAMI management and our trainers for making this course a success.

(b) Excellence in front line leadership for Medisure

The program was specifically designed for first line supervisors to develop their managerial and leadership skills. The workshop was of three full days from April 10-12, 2015. Medisure Laboratories nominated 26 executives for this workshop. The trainer focused the workshop on teaching executives the Managers' responsibilities, Negotiation & Conflict Management, Leadership, Team Dynamics & Personal grooming.

© English Language Proficiency & Communication Skills for PPL

Foreign trainers regularly visit IBA to trains locals in different fields but for the first time in the history of CEE, we trained foreign nationals a foreign language.

Skills Development Program (SDP) –Center for Executive Education designed and conducted a month program from June 22, 2015 to July 16, 2015 for Pakistan Petroleum Limited Asia E&P B.V. The program was conducted at Mövenpick Hotel, Karachi. All 20 participants were Iraqi nationals whose native language was Arabic with very basic understanding of English language. The objective of the course was to improve the executives' English language skills in all areas i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking & Grammar. The program also covered Business Communication Skills.

The course was designed to provide them adequate skills set that could help them understand their next level technical training and communicate comfortably with their facilitators and Pakistani colleagues.

The course was conducted by SDP's experienced trainers Syeda Faiza Hassan and Farhan Uddin Raja. Faiza Hassan worked on their reading & listening skills, building their vocabulary bank, sentence structure, pronunciation, writing emails, memos, etc. while Farhan Uddin helped them improve their writing and speaking skills with focus on Grammar & presentation skills. Participants' improvement was assessed through weekly quizzes and frequent assignments.

"If I want to say something about Ms Faiza… it's one word 'Amazing'"           Ahsan M. Saeed (Geologist)

"I wish Mr Farhan was my teacher from beginning"           Zaydoon Hameed (Chief Engineer)

Two interpreters were also hired especially for this course. During the first week, interpreters' role was very important since participants could not make their point to the trainer and trainers also had to explain things in Arabic. But as the course continued, participants were encouraged to speak in English only and not take help of interpreters. However, both interpreters were there for the entire course to assist IBA trainers and PPL Iraqi participants in the best possible way.

Certificate distribution ceremony was held on July 16, 2015. Mr. Wamiq Bukhari (MD/ CEO PPL), Mr. Izhar Hussain (Director CEE-IBA), Ms. Naveeda Mehmood (Manager L&D PPL) and other team members of the project attended the ceremony. Participants were also given small hand crafted giveaways from IBA.

We got a very good feedback from participants as well as PPL management for not only trainers but overall design & execution of this course.

We would like to thank our trainers; CEE staff, Pakistan Petroleum Limited and IBA administration to help us in making this program a success.

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