Seminar on GS1 Global Barcode Standards

Seminar on GS1 Global Barcode Standards

In collaboration with GS1 Global, Brussels & GS1 Pakistan Chapter

Center for Executive Education (CEE), IBA, Karachi, hosted a short seminar at IBA, City Campus with Ms. Ulrike Kreysa, Vice-President Healthcare, GS1 Global Office, Brussels. The development and implementation of healthcare standards are led by the industry experts who use them. The GS1 healthcare user groups are open to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, group purchasing organizations, hospitals, pharmacies, logistics providers, governmental and regulatory bodies, and trade associations. GS1 mission is to increase patient safety, supply chain security and efficiency, traceability and accurate data synchronization in healthcare. The lecture was attended by participants from leading pharma companies and hospitals.

Guest Speaker: Ulrike Kreysa, Vice-President Healthcare, GS1 Global Office, Brussels

Ulrike Kreysa is responsible for the Healthcare sector at the GS1 Global Office in Brussels and works with her local colleagues in 112 countries across the world to develop and implement GS1 standards in the healthcare industry.

Having started her career as a Pharmacist she manages GS1 Healthcare, the global GS1 user group, formed by the stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer, wholesaler/distributor, group purchasing organizations, hospitals, pharmacies, logistic providers, governmental and regulatory bodies and associations.

GS1 Healthcare has the mission to lead the Healthcare sector to the successful development and implementation of global standards. Worldwide patient safety and supply chain efficiencies will be enhanced globally through standards for AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture), global data synchronization and traceability.

Ulrike works regularly with decision makers from companies like Abbott, Medtronic, Pfizer, GE Healthcare, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Baxter, B.Braun, Bayer, Roche, and others to drive harmonization of standards in the implementation across the world. To achieve that she is regularly in discussions with regulatory bodies to discuss the need for a globally aligned and harmonized approach towards standards in order to avoid supply-chain inefficiencies for all healthcare stakeholders and increase patient safety. She is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide.

CEE will also host Terry Papadis, Manager, Education and Training, GS1 Australia, for a two days workshop on GS1 with certification of GS1.

Details of last program hosted by IBA CEE:

Seminar on GS1 Global Barcode Standards
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