Certificate Program in Procurement Management Approved by SPPRA

The Center for Executive Education (CEE) at IBA Karachi organized a five days' workshop on understanding generally "Procurement Management" and specifically "Public Procurement Framework and Regulations in Sindh". Held from October 28 to November 1, 2019, the program equipped procurement managers, officers and interested professionals with a solid understanding of "Procurement Management under SPPRA Rules" through examples and case studies. It fulfilled the mandatory eligibility requirement of SPPRA regarding carrying out procurements and allied functions.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning phases of procurement life cycle from both buyers and sellers' perspectives;
  • Understanding of key issues and best practices in procurement management;
  • Understanding different procurement methods;
  • Selecting the right procurement method with the aid of theories, principle and tools;
  • Preparing and evaluating bidding documents;
  • Exposure to tons of real-time cases and examples, and;
  • Transformation into Life-long Learners as exposed to Global Certifications and Associations

Following faculty was involved in this program, all of them certified by SPPRA for the Procurement Management.

Mohsin Patel
Mohammad Sohaib Saleem
Dr. Rameez Khalid
Dr. Shahid Mir


Gul Sanober

A good refresher course for myself. Informative, thought provoking and knowledgeable. This training in my opinion is vital, thanks to SPPRA and IBA team for providing us a good environment for learning


IBA is very experienced organization and have expert instructors in their faculty who have multiple years' experience in the field of procurement as well as management

Dr. Samiullah

Excellent environment of learning with approach of participation in by the trainers overall the best interactive sessions ever had is my cases

Management Development Training: Focusing on Team Building
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