Marketing Excellence Program

Marketing Excellence Program

From October 21 to 23, 2016, the Center for Executive Education hosted a three days' customized workshop on product management i.e. 'Marketing Excellence Program' for Hilton Pharma Limited. The program was conducted in three batches and was attended by business managers, product managers, sales managers and marketing executives of Hilton Pharma Limited. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sitwat Naeem and Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla.

Mr. Sitwat Naeem is a trainer at Center for Executive Education, IBA. He did his Executive MBA from Preston University and took the Certification to Conduct, 'Professional Selling Skills and Professional Sales Negotiations' in 2003 from AchieveGlobal Inc., a Washington based training & development organization. He started his career in sales with Pfizer Labs, established himself in marketing and product management. He then joined Philips Electrical Industries as Sales Promotion/Distribution Manager which enabled him to learn retailing and work practically in whole of Pakistan. Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla did his MBA from Institute of Business Administration, Karachi and now works as General Manager Retail at Bank Al Habib.

The purpose of the workshop was meant to transfer problem into solution or transform science into care. Product management's key role is strategic, not tactical tasks are done by other organizations. However, these undertake tactical tasks should be synchronized by the product managers. In short, the product manager's role has responsibility for building, maintaining, and preventing the vision and road map.

Learning Outcomes:

The participants were able to achieve following after this courses:

  • To trigger critical thinking in the recipients
  • To be able to understand back ground, learn different tools and enhance proficiency in marketing planning, marketing mix, segmentation and positioning.
  • To acquire knowledge of branding and its applications potential within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • To learn about social media and FMCG branding tools and explore how those could be used for ethical promoted medicinal products.
  • To understand the imperative of strategy formulation and execution and importance of liaison with the sales force.
  • To understand importance & applications of research – both marketing and clinical.
  • To be able to write marketing plan (including financial and communication plan), new product proposal, research brief, strategic spending proposal, etc.
  • To open up participants thinking horizon by analyzing different successful and unsuccessful strategies used by different leading companies.
  • To realize that the criteria for evaluation of clinical research and review literature and how to us them in marketing campaign ethically.
  • To educate about financial applications in marketing and sales.
Marketing Excellence Program

Some participants' feedback:

I thought he was brilliant! Well-prepared, clear depth of knowledge, excellent communicator and great feedbacks! – Dr. Murtaza

Mr. Najeeb is a good teacher and has sufficient knowledge. Time given to him was too little. So please give him maximum time so that he enlightened all the students. – Zahid Sarfraz

Simply great to learn. - Imran

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