Greetings from Centre for Executive Education at IBA, Karachi!

In recent times, we have seen pandemics and business crises which ask for adaptability and agility. 'Learning at high pace' is a need and a gift that these scenarios have taught us along with the motto of 'world class starts where your comfort zone ends'. Shifting to learning organizations and building high performing individuals is what these situations and our businesses need. This is where we step in and we especially focus on building these traits not only in our client-specific programs but also in open enrolment programs. We continue to update our program portfolio and design new programs based on inputs from industry and academia, thus ensuring that each program that we deliver should be relevant, applicable, and based on evidence-based management concepts. To do this, we continuously collaborate with academic institutes and professional bodies of high repute ranging from Public and Corporate sectors as well as Family Businesses. Over the years IBA-CEE has developed a body of reputable faculty members, facilitators and field experts. Most notable additions are of the technology layer in our programs that ranges from digitalization of businesses and sectoral analytics and use of advanced pedagogical tools such as renowned on-table and computer-based simulations. With this quality readiness, we sincerely hope to shape the future full of optimism, possibilities, competence, energy and vibrant colors.

Dr. Rameez Khalid
Director Centre for Executive Education

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