Director Center for Executive Education
IBA, Karachi

Greetings from Center for Executive Education at IBA, Karachi!

Frequent unpredictable market cataclysms challenge business leaders with their ambiguity and convolution while delivering requisite growth. The executive education programs at our Center provide requisite roadmap to the business leaders to help achieve their goals easily amid uncertainty and complexity.

At present, every employer plans to optimize the skill set of their employees through executive education but, at the same time, wants to ensure best return on the investment. You would agree that strategically structured learning and development provides competitive edge to the employers over their competitors. Effective executive education should provide adequate knowledge and help to participants to apply the learning in their business environments. This is our main consideration not only in our Open Enrolment programs but also in Client Specific Programs.

Considering this, we are trying hard to ensure that our programs must develop functional as well as strategic areas to meet their needs. Imperative is shift paradigm of executive education from learning and development as the solution to the business problems and to performance analysis approach.

We continue to update our program portfolio and design new programs based on inputs from industry and academia, thus ensuring that each program we deliver should be relevant, applicable, and based on evidence - based management concepts. We have collaborated with academic institutes and professional bodies of high repute. Our programs are designed for public and corporate sectors as well as for family businesses. For delivering executive education, the body of our faculty members comprises of not only IBA faculty but also industry practitioners, field experts and faculty from the institutions of high repute possessing evidence-based knowledge.

However, given the pace of change and the urgency of need, many executives ask a question –How could I apply the workshop learning in my job? Acknowledging this requirement, we have incorporated action learning component in our programs.

We hope this catalogue and calendar of our programs will be of help and relevance to you and your organization. And with all our achievements and milestones reached I am pleased to invite you to experience our programs yourself. I and my team will be happy to share more about our programs in case you wish to know more.

Strategic Goals
  1. To cater the Executive Education needs of the Pakistani Industry
  2. To tap gaps in Executive Education
  3. To collaborate with Top Business Schools
  4. To impart problem and issue based trainings
  5. To impart Executive Education with local relevance frequently encountered in organizations
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