IBA-CEE Commemorated Third Annual Diploma Awarding Ceremony

IBA-CEE Commemorated Third Annual Diploma Awarding Ceremony

On April 13, 2019, the Center of Executive Education (CEE), IBA, Karachi commemorated third annual diploma awarding ceremony for its batch Spring 2017 Postgraduate Diploma Programs in Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, and Healthcare Management and Diploma Program in Strategic Marketing.

The audience for this ceremony included families of the PGD students, faculty members, students and other distinguished personalities including Dean and Director of IBA, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal; Director of Center for Executive Education, Dr. Izhar Hussain and our esteemed Chief Guest Founder and CEO of Indus Hospital, Dr. Abdul Bari.

The event commenced with the National Anthem and recitation of Holy Quran, followed by an address by Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, Dean and Director IBA. Welcoming the esteemed guests, Dr. Farrukh profusely expressed his gratitude to the Guest, Dr. Abdul Bari. He then praised the efforts of graduates of Postgraduate Diploma Program and Diploma Program for spending weekends at IBA despite the busy schedule as working professionals and also thanked graduates' family members for the support during the course of studies. Dr. Farrukh congratulated to the diploma holders, and recognized the efforts of the hardworking students and in the end wished them luck for their future endeavors.

Following his address, diplomas were conferred to students by the Dean and Director, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal and the academic program directors Dr. Rameez Khalid, Ms. Nyla Ansari and Dr. Farah Ahmed, for their respective programs. After which the honorable guest presented Medals and Shields to the high achievers to celebrate outstanding excellence in their respective disciplines.

IBA-CEE Commemorated Third Annual Diploma Awarding Ceremony

The Valedictorian speeches of the overall Position Holder from PGD Human Resources Management Program left the audience in tears of joy. Speech of valedictorian was given by the overall top position holder of PGD Programs Ms. Attia Usman Ansari. She commented that "During this beautiful journey of one year, I got a chance to learn new skills and expand my social circle by making some friends and mentors for life. I hope that IBA would continue to flourish in the field of academia by offering the best. I like to end my speech by sharing a wonderful quote: "Pour your heart and soul in everything you do"

The honorable Chief Guest Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, then addressed the audience emphasizing on the importance honesty, faith, and dedication and in the end counseled the new diploma holders to keep working hard in their respective fields. He congratulated IBA on a successful journey towards all three postgraduate diploma programs. He also appreciated the graduates for having the courage to keep studying even where they were working.

The ceremony ended with the closing remarks and vote of thanks by the Director Center for Executive Education Dr. Izhar Hussain, who treasured the courage of the graduating students, saying that, "We have tried to make this diploma as good as possible, it is now your duty to use the knowledge learned here in your practical field." He ended his speech with the following stanza:

"جسے بھی دیکھیے گلہ ، وطن سے یہ نہیں ملا ، وطن سے وہ نہیں ملا
کوئی نہیں جو یہ کہے ، وطن کو میں نے کیا دیا ، وطن سے میں نے کیا لیا"

A Total of 49 students were awarded Diplomas. 11 in PGD Human Resource Management, 15 in PGD Supply Chain Management, 11 in PGD Healthcare Management and 12 in Diploma Strategic Marketing.

For details on PGD and Diploma programs: http://cee.iba.edu.pk/

IBA-CEE Commemorated Third Annual Diploma Awarding Ceremony
IBA-CEE Commemorated Third Annual Diploma Awarding Ceremony
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