About Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Programs

Post Graduate Diploma programs are a mix of case based and activity based programs, taught by a mix of Industry Practitioners and IBA Faculty at the IBA Center for Executive Education. The following PGD programs are offered during weekends to cater the needs of the working professionals:

Each PGD is spread over a span of 1 year, which includes 3 semesters, 4 courses per semester with 36 credit hours, capstone project and practicum.

The curriculum is designed based on several years of research through various stakeholder surveys and focus groups. Each program is focused towards its area and includes the practical activities, real life learning, simulations, guest speaker sessions, LMS & web conference from the leading academic institution for executive education, industry trips and action learning projects while encouraging critical thinking and practical application of knowledge. Each program is relevant and applicable as in local environments. Increase scope of employability of the participants in local or global scenario. The adaption of latest pedagogy in each PGD will provide students with best combination of local scenarios and International best practices. The studies will also be augmented by online learning facility through learning Management System.

IBA’s PGD is now in Islamabad

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to equip with a wide range of global business concepts, allowing them to achieve in-depth understanding of the fast developing field.
  • Students will learn procedures, concepts and theories associated to practical issues in modern organizations to become a responsible manager.
  • Students will also learn to manage change within an organization and will be able to demonstrate the best ways to manage teams and workplace.
  • Bridging the competency gap and to enhance the professionalism of those involved in the industry
  • Combination of academic theory with practice
  • Equip them to run respective functions efficiently in local and global environment.

Eligibility Criteria

For students applying in all PGDs:

  • 16 years education with three years' post qualification work experience or
  • 14 years education with six years' post qualification work experience
  • In any subject from HEC recognized university

For students applying in Healthcare Management:

  • Doctors with MBBS/BDS with 3-year experience in hospitals are encouraged to apply

Test and Interviews

Preliminary Test and Interviews will be conducted to shortlist the candidates. Tests will be based on:

Aptitude Test Component

  • English
  • Essay writing skills (Subject Based)
  • Mathematics


Aptitude Test Difficulty Level

  • English Comprehension – SAT 1 Level
  • Mathematics – O Level
  • Essay will be related to the area of specialization applied

Aptitude Test Exemption

  • No Exemption


  • After the clearance of aptitude test

Salient Features

  • 1-year weekend program ideal for working professionals
  • Case Study based teaching
  • Real life learning
  • Simulations
  • Guest speaker sessions
  • Industry Trips
  • Live Projects
  • Video Conferences


  • In-depth study of various projects in Pakistan
  • Learning from the best practices & functions of projects around the world
  • Case Studies
  • International Journals
  • Textbooks
  • Standards & Certifications
  • Governmental Laws & Regulations , Compliance
  • Lecture (Classroom & Video Conference)
  • Project (Live business cases from the organizations)
  • Group Activities / Simulations/ Syndicate
  • Visits: Strategic Locations

What are the job prospects for candidates completing the PGD Program?

PGD is designed to:

(a) Fill the competency gap in Professionals who are working in their relevant fields.
(b) Prepare mid-career Professionals for career switching opportunities.

In this light, this program can help a participant having less relevant prior experience to land a job in their respective field. PGD is a program launched in 2015 that focuses heavily on developing the right skills and the same are taught by a mix of IBA's top faculty and renowned industry experts. This shows that the participants connect with the right people from the first semester, following the motto: "Your Net Worth is Your Network"!

There is tremendous growth in this market and one can follow the various job postings in a sample of newspapers. Some keywords, that these relevant job postings usually have, are as follows: For SCM; Procurement /Purchasing /Sourcing, Operations /Production, Logistics /Transportation /Warehousing, Distribution, Import, Export, ERP, Quality, Sustainability, and Forecasting. For HRM; Talent Acquisition, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits Management, Human Resource Information Systems, Performance Management Workplace Safety and Health Issues and Organizational Development. For PM; Project Risk Management, Project Quality Enhancement, Project Cost and Scope Management, Project Resource Management and Project Procurement Management. For HCM; Regulatory Affairs, Technology Systems, Healthcare Communication and Operations Management, Facilities Management and Patient outcomes. These are on the rise in the wake of numerous local and global events, such as OBOR (One Belt One Road) and CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

If a candidate does not fulfil the recruitment criteria of any organization, then NO.

This can be the situation; however, the chances are remote. Mostly, PGD participants get a new role in the same organization with elevated /responsibilities /position /grade /salary, or some have switched to bigger and renowned organizations.

There are many participants of PGD, who had the same case. They are coming to the program with various objectives, such as quality of the knowledge imparted in the program; fill their knowledge gaps; fill their skill gaps; switch to their standing relevant positions in or out of their companies; promotion; interest in escalating to a more general management position than the specific current one and some are sent /funded by their organizations so that they can add value to their existing JDs.

PGD credits are only transferable in IBA’s MBA-Executive program on the following conditions.

The candidate fulfills all admission requirements of MBA Executive.

I. Academic Rigor of PGD Programs: All PGD Programs are academically rigorous programs, approved by the IBA’s Academic Board (AB). Each course that is being taught in the PGDs and its respective course outline is approved by the respective departmental board of studies (BoS), then the IBA’s Academic Committee (AC) and subsequently the AB. All faculty members instructing in the PGDs, as per standard practice in all academic programs, are assigned by the respective chairperson. Examinations in the PGDs are conducted by the Examination Department. Furthermore, admissions in the PGDs are administered by the Testing Department.

II. Mandatory Requirements: After completing the PGD, a participant can join MBA Executive (MBA-X) Program subject to fulfilling all its entry requirements (refer to MBA-X program’s Admission Policy), for example passing the qualification criteria, experience required and, entry test and interview etc. Once successfully enrolled in MBA-X and subject to conditions (described later in this section), the participant will have maximum nine (09) courses transferred from his /her PGD into the MBA-X Program.

III. Conditions:

a. Each PGD Program has a designated list of courses out of which some courses will be exempted against elective courses, while other against core course of the MBA-X Program. The lists are provided in the form of following Exhibits. Eight (08) courses will be exempted /transferred as electives into MBA-X and the list in the exhibit provides the name of these courses that are transferable in this category. One (01) course will be exempted /transferred as core into MBA-X and the list in the exhibit provides the name of the courses that are transferable in this category.

b. Moreover, following conditions apply to the transfer cases:

1. PGD Project PRJ-501 and the course SCM-531: “Accounting & Finance for Managers” are non-transferable.
2. This transfer policy is applicable to all PGD-SCM (Supply Chain Management) participants.
3. PGD-HCM (Healthcare Management) and PGD-HRM (Human Resource Management) batches 2021 and onwards will get exemptions /transfer as per this policy. For these 2 programs, this policy is not applicable to participants of Batch 2020. While, for all other previous batches, the exemptions /transfer will be given on a case-to-case basis.
4.This transfer policy is applicable to the following batches of PGD-PUP (Public Policy) and PGD-PMG (Project Management): from Batch-2021 and onwards. It is not applicable to earlier batches.
5. Transfer of credits will be applicable to those courses with a minimum of B grade.

Is it worth spending time and money on this program? Depends on the priorities one has and the direction one would like to go. See the program in detail
(https://cee.iba.edu.pk/AboutPgd.php) and then decide whether it suits you or not.
Also, IBA is listed by ISM (Institute for Supply Management) in 2016 for its PGD-SCM program:

Students in PGD are required to undertake a group project. The aim is to enable students to execute a challenging assignment in a real-life business environment.

For more information, please read the PGD Project Handbook

Round 2
  • Online admission FormsNovember 20, 2023
  • Submission of forms deadlineDecember 15, 2023
  • Aptitude TestDecember 17, 2023
  • Interviews & Admission offersDecember 23, 2023
  • Fee and Document SubmissionDecember 28, 2023
  • Orientation CeremonyJanuary 6, 2024
  • Classes commenceJanuary 6, 2024
  • Email: ceeinfo@iba.edu.pk

Tel: (0213) 8104701
(Ext: 1822, 1809, 1827)

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Mohsin Ali Patel
Program Director PGDs

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November 14, 2022

Combating Covid 19 in Pakistan through Agile PMO

Mr. Naeem Iqbal, Head of PMO, NADRA
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November 6, 2022

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November 6, 2022

Digitalization of HR – A Practical Technology Approach

Guest Speaker: Dr. Abdul Basit Shaikh, Visiting Faculty IBA
Faculty: Dr. Nyla Ansari
Course: Training & Development

Profiles of Previous PGD Batches

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Maryam Umer

Assistat Manager Contracts
DP World Karachi
Supply Chain Management
Umair Samad

Umair Samad

Assistant Manager Production & Planning
Total Parco Pakistan Limited
Supply Chain Management


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