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Blue Ocean Strategy for Entrepreneurs and Family Businesses - 21 – 22 August in Karachi and 7th – 8th August in Lahore

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  • Program Overview

    This program is offered in joint collaboration with Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE)

    Blue Ocean Strategy is often seen as a journey through unchartered waters and exploring the unexplored oceans, the journey is embarked through cutting edge innovation and value driven concepts. Charting a course to the new landscape where competition does not exist, is a revolutionary concept in strategy formulation that emphasizes value innovation rather than fighting the competition.

    In the present day business world, following traditional strategies and fighting the cut throat competition can rarely bring enduring success. Today, in most industries competitors imitate rather than innovate and this results in a cruel competition for a small number of market shares which quickly fade and get diluted. This increased competition and increasingly shrinking market share represents the 'Red Ocean' and most businesses get entrapped in this situation and therefore fail to progress.

    This course will help you to escape the dangerous quagmire of being trapped into a Red Ocean and will enable you to innovate and discover Blue Oceans for your organization. Blue Ocean Strategy is a radical, yet proven, approach to delivering value into the market that can yield very high growth and profitability. When implemented correctly it can lead to dramatic innovation within established industries and allow you to leverage an enormous competitive advantage – by making the competition irrelevant.

    This course will deliver strategic concepts and practical tools that will help you understand your competition better and analyze your position in the industry. It will help you design strategies to break your competition and to innovate in your market space. You will develop skills that will facilitate your out of box thinking and will enable you to transform your business model. The course will help you to understand your customer better and to create new demand under constrained resources. Finally, you will be trained to become a change catalyst in your organizational setting to lead innovative change.

    We will cover three distinct areas: Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy, Formulating Blue Ocean Strategy and Executing Blue Ocean Strategy. The sessions will give participants the opportunity to exchange their rich experiences in different fields of business, functions and levels. Participants will be led, not lectured, through a combination of presentations and activity based learning.

  • Who Should Attend

    This program has been designed for family business-owners, potential entrepreneurs, managers and decision makers running large businesses as well as for budding/nascent entrepreneurs looking for techniques and knowledge to expedite the growth potential of their respective ventures.

  • Material Covered

    The course facilitators bring real world experience to this module. The participants will be led, not lectured, through a combination of presentations, live case studies and hands-on practical exercises.

  • Program Benefits

    By attending this program, the participants will be able to:

    • Understand the differences between contested and uncontested markets and how to create an uncontested market space
    • Learn the origins of Blue Ocean Strategy and its power dynamics
    • Develop the ability to thrive in uncertain times through value innovation
    • Learn how to systematically reconstruct market boundaries
    • The role of leadership and strategic change management
    • Ability to plan a blue ocean strategy i.e. where and when to apply it, the development process and the resources required
    • Develop an understanding of the attributes of a good strategy and Blue Ocean index
    • Managing the execution and translating strategy into action
  • Facilitators
    Ali Jafri,
    Facilitator and Moderator

    Ali Jafri is President at Knowledge Now (a sister concern of Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship - MILE) and Director Online Strategy at MILE. Throughout his professional career Ali has been associated with globally recognized consulting firms including PriceWaterHouse Coopers & Mercer consulting where he has undertaken number of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) assignments, which has given him a diverse and unique perspective on Change Management. He has successfully managed relationships for blue chip companies, such as, Pepsi International, Microsoft, General Motors, Standard Chartered Bank, Polycom, Du Pont & Al Ghurair Group.

    In his passion to facilitate dissemination of knowledge with ease, he has Moderated more than 200 Live Webinars on MILE's platform by successfully engaging speakers from Top Academic Schools of the world and Global Consulting firms, such as Harvard, Columbia, Oxford, INSEAD, London Business School, Wharton, Babson, Yale, Standford, Carnegie, IESE, Cranfield, Oliver Wyman, Strategy&, United Nations Chief of E-government and many more.

    Ali is a graduate from Elon University, North Carolina, USA. He is also a fellow at School of Theology, Virginia Theological University, USA

    Imran Zawwar,
    Lead Facilitator

    Imran Zawwar is a Ph.D. scholar at Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship, School of Management, Cranfield University UK. He also leads the industry based research module for the MS in Management Programme at Cranfield University as Thesis Module Convener. He is a former Military Pilot and an Engineer by training, later he completed his MBA with two Academic Gold Medals after which he was awarded scholarship with Carnegie Mellon University where he completed his MS in Public Policy and Management with Highest Academic Distinction. He also serves as Director Academics and Head of Research at Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, KSA; Board Member at Middle East Development Network Corp., Turkey; Partner at Knowledge Now (a sister concern of Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship - MILE) and Co-Founding Partner at Cervelet | Management and Strategy Consultants USA.

    DAY 1st

    02:30 PM - Session A: - Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy

    • Creating Blue Oceans
    • Analytical Tools and Frameworks

    03:30 PM Tea and Networking Break

    03:45 PM - Session B: - ormulating Blue Ocean Strategy

    • Reconstructing Market Boundaries
    • Focusing on the Bigger Picture and not just the Numbers
    DAY 2nd

    09:00 AM - Session C: - Formulating Blue Ocean Strategy (Continued)

    • Reaching beyond the Existing Demand
    • Getting the Strategic Sequence Right

    10:30 AM Tea and Networking Break

    11:00 PM - Session D: - Executing Blue Ocean Strategy

    • Overcoming Key Organizational Hurdles
    • Building Execution into Strategy
    • The Sustainability and Renewal of Blue Ocean Strategy
    12:30 PM Lunch and Prayers Break

    01:30 PM - Session E: - Live Webinar from Cranfield University, UK

    • Dr. Stephanie Hussels, Professor at Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship and Director MBA Programme,
    • School of Management, Cranfield University, UK
    03:00 PM Tea and Networking Break

    03:15 PM - Session F: - Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy and Understanding the Digital Paradigm

    • Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy and Understanding the Digital Paradigm
  • Testimonials
    Eng. Bandar A. Hamza
    General Manager HR, Arabian Cement

    "I really liked the overall learning experience with practical cases and exercises offered in this highly beneficial Entrepreneurship Course. These concepts and method of training would be very useful for me in the future.

    The speaker provided us with excellent tools to practice real world business decision-making skills in an interactive and multiplayer learning environment. The course has also enhanced my capability to receive continuous performance feedback and updates. As a result, I am in a better position to judge my own work and strive for better and long lasting results".

    Managing Director Hawiya Co.
    Ali Alhumaidan

    It was indeed the best course I have ever taken. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from it. I learned a lot about business strategies and how to act out different roles in different situations, thanks to the superb content and the very well thought out organization of the course! The effort and energy that has gone into this is very visible, and I really appreciate it.

    In simple words, the Entrepreneurship course was the highlight of the complete programme and it was a pleasure participating in this course and learning something new from an extremely competitive and knowledgeable teacher".

  • Program Fees
    Rs. 30,000/- per participant
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