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Winning Supply Chain Leadership- March 1 & 2, 2018

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  • Introduction

    Agile and forward- looking Leadership can lead to Win in the uncertain world, a game changer and a real business growth partner.

    Future world brings much of uncertainty and volatility leading towards very complex business environment. An effective leadership is the key to survive, win and outpace the competition. With up to date knowledge of SC and its long-term strategy combined with your understanding of effective leadership you will be able to lead the change.

    Learn to get the best out of your supply chain with the help of a very motivated and well-connected winning team.

    This is a two days workshop that will address the current and future challenges being faced by the supply chain leaders. You will have the opportunity to discuss and bring clarity in your understanding of strategic concepts of supply chain processes and how it is evolving in future.

    Leadership challenges and its importance will be the subject that will be addressed here with emphasis on the team work and how to develop a strong and motivated team that can meet the business challenges.

    As we move forward, will be facing more new challenges when customer and consumer satisfaction with respect to cost, quality and flow are of utmost importance for any company to survive and win at the market place anywhere in the world. This course will give insight to the supply chain professionals as well as people from other functions and key stake holders of modern day supply chain processes, how it works effectively and what further action the organizations should take to make their own supply chain, forward looking and a real business growth partner.

    After attending this workshop, you will have clarity about the critical supply chain processes and operations, their links within and outside SC that will help you to make it effective in your respective working environment. You will know how to use your leadership to create a motivated team and a performance based culture in your organization. Such knowledge brings clarity in your understanding resulting in better team building and working as a successful winning team with the shared goal, which is the key success factor of a winning organization.

    This is a very interactive and business oriented workshop where various issues around the world will be discussed, supported with very effective case studies where, you will be able to analyze and resolve issues relevant to real business environment. You can also bring your own organizational issues to discuss with this experience trainer for useful guidance.

  • Learning Outcomes

    Supply Chain has become the back bone of any business and running it efficiently is not a choice any more but is a must do to survive and win at the market place. You have to understand its current and future potential which requires a strong leadership in place. To be an effective leader you must have the good insight and grip of the subject along with an influencing leadership qualities to develop a strong and motivated team, which eventually results in a performance based culture. This, consequently enable you to implement short and long-term strategy in your company with the help of a motivated and well-connected team:

  • Faculty
    M Qaysar Alam:

    On the Boards of Directors of GS1 and Al Shaheer Corporation Ltd., Member Pakistan Advisory board ISCEA., President Supply Chain Association of Pakistan.

    Supply Chain Specialist, Consultant, Trainer and speaker at various business schools and forums.

    Worked for 29 years at Unilever Pakistan Ltd, where, for the last 8 years served as Vice President responsible for Supply Chain, its strategies and operations.

    Was on the Boards of Directors, Member of Audit committees and Management Committee of the Company.

    Key architect of Unilever Pakistan's Supply Chain structure and processes making it forward looking, achieving efficiencies in flow, service and cost.

    Earlier worked at Exxon Pakistan, ARAMCO SA and taught Petroleum engineering at KU.

    SpecialtiesSupply Chain Management, design, strategies and training. Organization restructuring and outsourcing, Manufacturing Excellence, People management, mentoring, coaching and team development.

  • Topics
    • Supply Chain Building Blocks- Concepts and understanding
    • Organization Structure and Process design
    • How each function works and interacts with each other
    • Current Challenges and the need for a responsive supply chain
    • How to be effective in the challenging future
    • Knowing your consumer demand better
    • Effective Management of volatility with in SC and in the market
    • Be the best with your proactive customer service
    • Managing the best cost and customer service by an efficient SC
    • Key Global Supply Chain Challenges
    • Business and Supply Chain Strategies
    • Dealing with complexities
    • Reducing waste and adding to bottom line
    • Winning with effective collaboration
    • Managing external partners
    • Making your business resilient to Risk
    • Developing the understanding of KPIs
    • Taking control of the processes with KPIs
    • Gearing up for uncertain future
    • Organizational restructuring- need, process and the benefits
    • Make your leadership a business driver and game changer
    • Improve business efficiency and be a growth engine
    • Supply Chain Leadership role and challenges
    • Future Leadership Demand
    • Leading the change
    • Winning with effective leadership
  • Who should attend
    • Supply Chain senior professionals
    • Leadership from Marketing / Sales / Finance / HR
    • General Managers and Directors
    • Business leaders
    • Entrepreneurs
  • Fees
    PKR 40,000/participant:
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