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Professional Excellence: Are You Ready?- September 18 - 19, 2017

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  • Introduction

    This two-day program is for people who may be competent in their field of interest, but competence alone does not make you EXCELL. As Stephen Covey in his book 'The 8th Habit', says, what is the "extra" that you are bringing to the table.

    This program provides you that 'EXTRA', by 4 top professionals who with their combined work experience of over 100 years give you the tools to unleash your potential and lead you to greater heights.

    There are four components of this program:

    Organizational Excellence
    How can one convert their unique idea into an actual running, profitable and sustainable business? Two of the greatest challenges that any start-ups, entrepreneurs or existing businesses can face is 'direction setting' and 'organizational excellence'.

    The first challenge is to have a mission, a crystal-clear a well-defined vision, and milestones coupled with a set of selective and impactful strategies. Vision setting and strategy development and deployment is currently a science and makes an immense difference between winning and losing.

    Second challenge one encounter is that no business plan or vision can be delivered if not coupled with a culture which breeds competence, positive thinking and a DNA of organizational excellence. All businesses must gain proper knowledge and insight on how to drive direction setting and create the right culture which drives excellence in execution.

    Marketing Plan
    Developing a bullet proof Marketing plan is the essence of success for any business is it corporate, an SME or a startup. Once you have crystalized your vision and defined mission comes the crucial part of validating the market in terms of size, volume, rev potential, technology, competition and future growth etc.

    Second important aspect is choosing the right market segment for developing your product roadmap, value proposition, assessing team strengths and hiring needs, competitive analysis and then finally selecting the right customer segment and preparing your sales plan/strategy

    Personal Selling and Customer Service
    The field of Personal Selling and Customer Service has matured into a professional endeavor. To-day, this may be a stronger profession because of the obstacles it has overcome and sometimes still battles.

    Today, and in the years ahead, all of us will be guided by a new principle of personal selling: Partnerships are established and maintained only when the salesperson creates customer value. Customers have fundamentally changed their expectations, thereby putting new pressures on the field of customer service. They want to partner with salespeople who can create value, not just communicate it. Value creation involves a series of improvements in the sales process that enhance the customer experience.

    Team Building and Leadership
    While the ingredients for professional success are numerous and diverse, there are two traits that provide the foundations for exceptional achievement in career development and entrepreneurship: Team Building and Leadership.

    Although gifted individuals have often been at the heart of ground breaking innovation that advances the boundaries of commerce and industry, the execution and accomplishment of their business goals has been achieved by groups of people working together on the different aspects of the business including marketing, sales, finance and a host of other disciplines that are relevant to the business.

    Leadership is the quality that not only unites these different skill sets into a coherent functional unit, it also represents the organization's market standing in terms of integrity and creative force.

  • Topics Covered
    • Introducing the two critical strategies for success, direction setting and organizational excellence.
    • How to drive strategic vision setting by a real-life story from the turnaround of Gillette Pakistan.
    • What drives Organizational Excellence and its three key pillars, Culture, Attitude and Trust (CAT).
    • Understand specific skills and personality traits required for effective selling.
    • How to convert your products into tangible benefits for the customers – use consultative selling to convert features into benefits.
    • Use of non-verbal communication to understand the consumer thought process.
    • Understand the steps in selling and the requirements of each stage.
    • Selling & Customer Service go hand in hand.
    • The key characteristics of successful teams and team players.
    • The stages of team development.
    • Team conflicts ─ why they arise and how to deal with them.
    • Leadership fundamentals for team building.
  • Faculty
    Saad Amanullah Khan:

    Saad Amanullah Khan with 30 years of senior management experience in key multinationals like P&G and Gillette. Lead the exponential growth of P&G in Pakistan in the 90's and 00's and later was instrumental in bringing a paradigm shift in Gillette growth. Worked in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

    Extensive senior management experience in areas of strategic planning, financial systems and controls, external relations and human resource management.

    Elected twice as President of American Business Council (ABC) and an active board member of Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI).

    Founder and Chairman of Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF), President of Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan (PILAP), founding member and Vice President of the National Entrepreneurship Working Group (NEW-G), founding board member of South East Asia Leadership Academy and sits on a dozen social enterprise boards ranging from JPMC, AKUH, Naya Jeevan, EcoEnergy, AIESEC, I Am Karachi Movement, SHRM, NUST CAC, Peace Through Prosperity (PTP), etc.

    A published author with his book "It's Business, It's Personal – From Setting a Vision to Delivering it through Organizational Excellence" published in the USA in March 2016.

    Holds two engineering degrees (Systems Engineering and Computer Science Engineering) and an MBA from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

    Azhar Rizvi:

    Azhar Rizvi is the Chairman, MIT Enterprise Forum, Pakistan. Azhar Rizvi has been associated with the Information technology industry for almost two decades. During this period he has served at prestigious Multinational Organizations including NCR, AT&T and Unisys in Pakistan. He is the founding Director of THKS Technology Group & serves as the Group COO and Director.

    Zafar Siddiqui:

    Siddiqui has an MBA degree from The Institute of Business Administration. He also holds a degree of M.S. in Marketing Communications from Chicago. He has more than 30 years of experience with the F.M.C.G. sector both in the field of Sales, Marketing and General Management. He was associated with Gillette for 15 years in Pakistan and Overseas. His last assignment with Gillette was as Chief Executive for Gillette Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., and Area Director for Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal & Maldives.

    Siddiqui has served as the Director for the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, and also as the Director for Alumni and Resource Mobilization for the Institute of Business Administration from the period 2008 – 2014.

    Mr. Siddiqui has taught at IBA for 35 years.

    Rizwan Razvi:

    Rizwan Razvi is a management professional and social entrepreneur with over 35 years of diversified sector experience and multiple leadership roles spread across 11 cities and 7 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

    Industry experience includes International Banking, Cement, Hospitality and bank renovation projects Consultancy where he built and managed large multinational teams, and is the founding President of the National Entrepreneurship Working Group (NEW-G) ─ a multi stakeholder forum to strengthen Pakistan's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    He is an alumnus of Karachi University, Aitchison College and Burn Hall School (Abbottabad) and is proficient in English, French and Urdu.

  • Fees
    PKR 50,000/participant:
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