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Business Transformation - Secure the Future - October 15, 2019

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Venue: CEE@IBA,Karachi Reg Form
Info: ceeinfo@iba.edu.pk  
Contact: Tel: (0213) 8104700 (Ext:1809, 1812)  
  • Introduction

    This workshop aims to prepare you for the wave of business transformations that are essentially driven by disruptive technologies and the ever increasing integration of online and offline experiences in almost every industry vertical. It will focus on what a real transformation truly entails and the value it will generate for your customers, employees and your organization's decision makers.

  • Faculty
    Program Details

    This is a 1-day workshop aimed at individuals such as; C-level Executives, Directors, Managers/Team Leads, Internal Innovators, Head of Departments, Strategists, and professionals in organizations seeking to understand and implement digital strategies within their organizations. It is also for those who want to advance their careers by learning about the disruptive technologies that are required to think and function like a digital leader.

  • Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this workshop, participants will: -

    • Understand what Exponential Transformation is, and what are the technologies that enable it
    • Learn about disruptive technologies and disciplines can transform your processes to deliver value
    • Develop the ability to gauge the current state of exponential development in your industry?
    • How can you make your organization a disruptor to save it from being disrupted?
    • What is the best course of action for successfully implementing exponential transformation in Pakistan?
    • How to develop the right mindset to start thinking like a disruptive innovator
  • Topics Covered
    • Exponential Technology – An introduction
    • Paradigm Shift in Businesses, Markets and Industries
    • The Disruptors Threat to Existing Businesses
    • Examples of Disruption in Businesses

    • New Job Roles and Skills Demands
    • Unlocking Business Potentials
    • Utilization of the Conducive Enablement Environment
    • First Mover and Early Adopters Advantage

    • Business Process perspective using latest technologies such as Block Chain and AI
    • Data Driven Decision Making
    • Extracting Value – Data driven KPIs

    • Thinking like an Disruptive Innovator
    • Building Blocks of Successful Transformation
    • Strategy, Technology and People
    • Your Future in a Digitally Transformed World

  • Course Methodology

    The teaching methodologies adopted by our instructors are 'facilitator based' and focus on 'Centered Learning' using case studies, simulations and engaging activities for the participants to gain effective tools and techniques to implement digital strategies.

  • Trainer's Profile

    Dr. Basit | Visiting Faculty Member, Institute of Business Administration
    Dr. Basit holds a doctorate from the prestigious Imperial College, University of London and has more than 30 years of experience spanning state of the art technology companies, teaching and leading research activities. He also has to his credit authoring two books, two patents, 20 publications and numerous workshops including at the OIC on Entrepreneurship Education. His current activities include his teaching of MS courses in the Faculty of Computer Science at IBA, and is currently Technical Consultant for Mercurial Minds, a digital enablement company.

    Talal Saiyer | Manager Customer Success, Mercurial Minds
    Talal Saiyer has been developing and customizing a range of soft skill and customer service training workshops. He is an accomplished, dynamic and client driven training professional. He is a passionate, energetic and motivated trainer who reaches out to people during sessions, making them participate and connect. Apart from this, he is always looking out for ways to make sure customers are getting value out of MM's services and products offerings.

  • Fees
    PKR 30,000/ + 5% SST / participant.

    Inclusive of Course material, IBA Workshop Certificate, Lunch, Refreshments & Business networking

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