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Discovering Leadership through Self Analysis - March 15 to 17, 2021

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Venue: CEE@IBA,Karachi Reg Form
Info: ceeinfo@iba.edu.pk  
Contact: Tel: (0213) 8104700 (Ext: 1809, 1812, 1808, 1804)  
  • Introduction

    According to contemporary thinking, leadership is an extension of self. A mixture of personality, behavior, values and emotions drives it. An individual (called a leader) has to influence other entities (including people, relationships and environments) to achieve personal and work-related goals. Building on this perspective, the main aim of this workshop is to uncover, through self-analyses, the leader within 'you'. Particularly, this workshop will focus on leadership styles, leadership behaviors, leadership and personality, leadership and communications, leadership and emotionality, leadership and team building, leadership and decision-making, to configure the leader within 'you'. In general, the workshop will help participants to explore and develop leadership talent and abilities to be successful in their career and beyond. Once participants have recognized and identified their leadership qualities, the workshop will share appropriate strategies and tactics that should enable polishing and further nurturing of the revealed potential. Thus, the prime objective of the workshop is to cover practical and applied aspects of leadership that should prepare participants, in terms of making them ready, for their present and future private, public and professional lives.

  • Faculty
    Dr. Khurram Sharif:

    Dr. Khurram Sharif is a senior member of the marketing faculty in the College of Business & Economics, Qatar University. He did his MBA from Lancaster University and his PhD (in Business-to-Business Marketing) from Kingston University, United Kingdom. Dr. Sharif is an International Master Trainer and a Certified LEGO Serious Play Methodology Facilitator who has worked with a number of international clients. His work experience ranges from pharmaceutical industry consulting, vocational training and higher education teaching. Currently, he is involved with executive trainings in Qatar, Pakistan and Malaysia. Dr. Sharif uses 'experiential' and 'blended' approaches to executive trainings where he involves himself and the participants in the knowledge creation and learning process.

  • Topics Covered

    Session 1: Introduction to Leadership

    • What is leadership?
    • Leadership philosophy
    • From leader to leadership
    • How to lead?

    Team Activity – Qualities of an effective leader
    Video clip: YOU and leadership

    Session 2: Leadership traits and behaviors

    • Are leaders born or made?
    • Traits versus behaviors
    • Personality and Leadership
    • Behavior and Leadership

    Individual assessment – Leadership personality test
    Individual assessment – Corporate leadership behavior test
    Individual discussion – Personality and behavior related leadership improvements

    Session 3: Leadership styles

    • Leadership styles and environmental forces
    • Autocratic, participative and Laissez-Faire leadership styles
    • Best leadership style?!
    • Appropriate and inappropriate use of a leadership style

    Individual assessment - Your leadership style.
    Individual discussion – Your leadership style improvement.

    Session 4: Emotionally intelligent leaders

    • What is emotional leadership?
    • Regulating emotions
    • Effectives use of intelligences in leadership
    • Practical strategies for emotions management

    Individual assessment - Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?
    Individual discussion – Gap analysis and suggestions for improvements
    Video clip – Changing the mental pattern
    Video clip – Reasons for emotional commitment amongst leaders

    Session 5: Leadership and communication

    • Profiling leadership communication challenges
    • Empowering communication
    • Body talk
    • 10-20-30 Presentation approach

    Group activity – Detect the expression

    Session 6: Leadership and team building

    • What is a team?
    • DNA of an effective team
    • Perspective taking in teamwork
    • Environment for effective teamwork
    • Formula 1 team building strategy

    Individual assessment – What type of a team member are you?
    Individual discussion – Gap analysis and suggestions for improvements
    Group activity – Lost at sea!

    Session 7: Leadership and power

    • Is power good or bad?
    • The power equation
    • Outcomes in the power play
    • Types of power
    • Are you a Machiavellian?
  • Agenda

    (Time wise allocation of topics)

    • Session 1: Introduction to Leadership 1.0 hours
    • Session 2: Leadership traits and behaviors 1.5 hours
    • Session 3: Leadership styles 1.5 hours
    • Session 4: Emotionally intelligent leaders 2.0 hours
    • Session 5: Leadership and communication 2.5 hours
    • Session 6: Leadership and team building 2.5 hours
    • Session 7: Leadership and power 1.0 hours

    Note: Total workshop time (excluding tea and lunch breaks) will be approximately 12 hours over three days.

  • Who should attend?

    This workshop is highly suitable for the middle and the top management employees who are leading teams.

  • How will you (participant) benefit?

    Upon completion of the leadership workshop, participants should be able to improve and further develop their skills by:

    • Constructively utilizing emotionality as an effective tool for leadership.
    • Improve decision-making as a leader.
    • Identify the traits and behaviors of an effective leader and work on the 'gaps'.
    • Understand the relationship between leadership and organizational culture.
    • Understand the communication context of leadership.
    • Better management of relationships between the leadership and the team members.
    • Effective use of power in managing human capital.
    • Effectively utilizing the political dimension of leadership.
  • Fees
    PKR 50,000/ + 5% SST / participant.
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