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Effective Selling Skills for Pharma Sales Professionals - April 2021

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm Download PDF
Venue: IM Sciences Peshawar Reg Form
Info: mibaig@iba.edu.pk
Contact: Mirza Irshad Ali Baig (Focal Person)
Center for Executive Education
Institute of Business Administration Karachi
Mobile: 0334 3844683,
Tel: 021-38104700-01 | Ext. 1801, 1811)
  • Course Objective

    By the end of training workshop, the participants will be able to;

    • Bring a positive change in Sales team behaviour
    • Enhancing competency of each sales team member
    • Positive impact on sales team professionalism and productivity in terms of profitability.
  • Course Outline

    The Selling Skills Improvement Program will enhance people's competency in handling customers at work in the following:








    Professional values for sales people




    ·  What are professional values

    ·  Why we Exist , our role as Medical representative






    Professional development / Grooming (Dress Code, Our presentation)/Market Knowledge



    ·  Know our product

    ·  Know our company

    ·  Know our customer

    ·  How to present in doctors clinic (Dress Code & planning)

    ·  Knowing our territory / Business Market





    Buying Motives




    Profit or Gain,






    Fear of Loss,











    Avoidance of Pain,








    Desire for Approval)




    ·     Basic Motivators

    (Profit or Gain, Fear of Loss, Pleasure, Avoidance of Pain, Pride, Desire for Approval)





    ·     Doctor Motivators


    Saving Money on the purchase price

    Saving money for the patient.

    Retaining patients in their practice.


    Saving patient's life keeping patients on the job

    Getting patients back to work


    Avoiding loss of job through incapacitation.(Breakdown)


    Providing more free time for the physician

    Providing convenience for patient

    Providing convenience for the physician

    Allowing patients to live meaningful lives

    Making it easier for the family to live with the patient.


    Reducing morbidity

    Reducing pain

    Reducing Concern or worry


    Prestige in using the best therapy available

    Desire to be an early innovator


    Acceptance by  superiors     

    Acceptance and admiration of peers

    Admiration of patients.







    Planning a sales call (Prospecting & qualifying  the customers)



    ·      What is prospecting?

    ·      Why prospecting is important?

    ·      Type of prospecting?

    ·      Reason to maintain customers?

    ·      Reason to qualifying customers?

    ·      Workshop, prepare a list of customers based on prospecting parameters?

    ·      Why customer buy your products (Buying motives)?




    Opening a Sales Call

    ·         Methods of call opening

    ·         Introduction (The First Impression)
    Different ways to approach the customer

    ·         FAB selling (Product feature development)






    ·         Listening & Questioning

    ·         Why we probe?
    Asking questions & generating business
    Various types of questions
    Role play session





    Dealing with objections


    ·         Four types of objections

    ·         Methods of Handling objections





    Closing a sales call



    ·     Types of closing sales




    Commitment & Follow-up



    Long term customer relationship & trust

  • Learning Outcome

    An efficient & effective sales team.

  • Who should attend?
    • Pharmaceuticals Sales / Medical Representatives
    • Line Managers / District Field Managers
    • People Interested to Pharmaceutical's products selling
  • Fees
    PKR 22,000/ + 15% KST / participant.
    • Inclusive of Course material, IBA Workshop Certificate, Lunch, Refreshments & Business networking
    • DISCOUNT: Early Bird Discount of 15% on registering by February 25, 2021. Group Discount of 10% for 2 or more & 15% for 5 or more Participants. 15% Discount for IBA & IMSciences Peshawar Alumni.
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