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Managing Family Businesses - August 2-3 (Lahore), 7-8 (Karachi), 2017

Topic: How to get ready for 'tomorrow'? The role and process of business plan and innovation.
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Venue: CEE@IBA,Karachi Reg Form
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Contact: Tel: (0213) 8104700 (Ext:1804, 1807, 1809)  
  • Introduction

    Attend the workshop series & find out for yourself the value that this program brings to your business, your family and to yourself. The series is designed to address the concerns about adapting to the emerging opportunities and managing the growth. It aims at providing a guided opportunity to the participants,
    a. To reflect on their current style of running business,
    b. Identify the new elements required for gearing up for the change &
    c. Start working on the same.
    It involves structured work in all the three areas of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. It is not a subject-linked curriculum based program
    Should you think of breaking the routine and add new perspectives in your business process, than this program is ideally suited for you!

  • Businessmen going to college?

    Sounds incredible. The common response is:
    In this epoch of great changes family businesses and businessmen are in crisis. It is not that all changes are bad. Rather what is disturbing is that we do not how to adopt. We can see opportunity as well as threats in the changes.
    Everybody says that we have to gear up, to change our mindset. The million dollar question is how? It is here that education can play a key role.
    - We have made it. We already ‘know’.
    - Who has the time?
    - Paying any fee for our education at this age? It is out of question.

    Despite reservations, over 500 businessmen aged over 40, decided to ‘try’. On completion of the first module, they are unanimous in saying that:
    - Future will be different from past. Now we know how little we know.
    - One can keep working hard on ‘doing wrong things’ and even kill oneself with overwork. Now we know the importance of ‘doing right things’ and raising ‘right questions’. We have never used our time more productively than this contact.
    - The perspectives that unfold in our understanding are so valuable that the fees appear ‘irrelevant’. In fact the fee is the investment with shortest payback period we ever made.

  • Who should attend?

    Family Business Members, Employees working for family businesses, Spouses and next generation family members.

  • Testimonials
    • Read from some of the participants who have attended the program. If you are the critical decision-maker, not paying attention to what they have to say may turn out to be one of the most expensive decision.
    • Though highly successful in his modern Jewellery business, Mr. Shishir Nivetia, 45, of Sunjewels Pvt. Ltd. says “My mood has changed. I have become enthusiastic about business and feel confident to grow fast and well. I have also learnt how to learn.”
    • “I was steering my business as per my vision. Now I learnt that vision also depends on the knowledge and our knowledge base was so limited” says Mr. Devchand Dharamsey 52, who is redefining the rules of laundry business with high technology and professional approach.
    • Busy managing the diversified portfolio of his family’s interest in Real Estate, Hospitality and Acqa culture, Mr. Sharad Ruia, 38, discovers “During the exercise of ascertaining priorities for my business, I discovered our lack of clarity and the obvious wrong resource commitments being done so far.”
    • “In an assignment of penning down which needs of which customers are we catering through which products, we discovered that no-one throughout our company was clear about it”, found out Mr. Lokendra Sheth, 59, of Wudtools, who are market leaders in cutting tools.
  • Faculty

    Professor Parimal Merchant Prof. Parimal Merchant is the Director with S P Jain School of Global Management in-charge of the Global FMB – a distinctive 12-month management program for sons and daughters of business families. He has over 25 years of association with Management education from which 20 years specializing in the area of creating specialized programs adapting management education to the context of Family Managed Business. He is advisor to the Asian Institute of Family Managed Business, which is a non-profit initiative to get sons and daughters of family businesses excited to join family business at young age. He has been involved in profit improvement consultancy projects for nearly 30 years and has been involved with nearly 100 companies - both SME as well as corporates.

  • Fees
    PKR 30,000/participant
    • Inclusive of Course material, IBA Workshop Certificate, Lunch, Refreshments, Group Photograph & Business Networking
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