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Market Leadership through "Neuromarketing" -February 13 & 14, 2020

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Venue: CEE@IBA,Karachi Reg Form
Info: ceeinfo@iba.edu.pk  
Contact: Tel: (0213) 8104700 (Ext: 1809, 1812)
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  • Introduction

    This 2-day workshop will un-veil Neuromarketing techniques that would help marketers penetrate consumers mind for successful launches, greater market share, margins and market leadership!

    Marketers are always trying to explore consumers' minds to find out the buying buttons that will put them into action to purchase their brands. For that, they spend sizable amounts on quantitative & qualitative research to understand consumers! These studies help formulate meaningful strategies for Packaging, Advertising campaigns, in-store visibility and mapping brand perceptions.

    Hundreds of brands are launched every year with lots of market research and focus group studies. Yet they fail!

    The fundamental drawback of these studies is that consumers can't verbalize their actual feelings! In fact, they don't know what they really want. It's not that they always tell what's inside their mind.

    What is Neuromarketing?

    Neuromarketing is a relatively new subject focusing how the un-conscious mind makes all buying decisions. It analyzes brainwaves capturing signals from the mind & the body to decode how the buy buttons are triggered to influence them without asking any questions.

    Neuromarketing is an automated platform to understand what people See, Think and Feel beyond conscious control!

    Citi, Google, HP and Microsoft as well as soda water companies, brewers, retailers, manufacturers, creative and media companies have all been exploring Neuromarketing.

  • Audience

    All marketing personnel who want to advance their skills to higher levels in Branding, Advert sing & Consumer Insights.

  • Faculty

    Chief Branding Officer-Brand Image, brings with him 30+ years of corporate exposure mainly from MNCs: Unilever, DHL & FedEx in senior marketing positions to corporate leadership. Marketing consultant specializing in Neuro-marketing. Mahmud has been conducting Training & Development programs for Banks,MNCs,local conglomerates,IBP,PIQC and Pharmaceutical companies in Marketing & Product Management, Building strong brands and Neuro-marketing. Conducted market research, training and consultancy projects for BBC,UN,USAID, World bank funded SAGP,Atlas Honda,Millat Tractors,ICN,Aga Khan Health Services & Hospital,Novartis,Getz-local & Int'l,Pfizer,Sandoz,Searle,GSK,Sanofi,Sami,Hilton,Nabi Qasim,Barrett Hodgson,CCL & several NGOs. An IBA graduate with a major in marketing, Mahmud is teaching at IBA since 2000 as a visiting faculty. He has attended various seminars in US, Europe, Middle East, South Asian countries on Branding, Brand-based communication, Creativity in advertising and influencing consumer behavior through Neuro-marketing.

  • Learning Outcomes
    • How the 3-brains in our mind work to take purchasing decisions?
    • Mastering Neuromarketing tools and "Neuroplasticity" to make brands excel in the market.
    • Learn "Priming" to influence consumer behavior through Expert Fallacy & Primacy Effect.
    • Using Cognitive Fluency for effective Websites & Digital marketing.
    • Understanding how "Golden ratio" is used to create attractive designs and even a captivating you!
    • How through music, fragrance and "natural settings" retailers increase "in-store" visibility?
    • Decoy Pricing that inspires consumers to buy more.
    • How Mirror Neurons make TVCs, Print ads & OOH more effective?
    • How to unleash the power of "Nostalgia"?
    • "Sensory Branding" makes brands "power packs".
    • Key to effective Merchandising at LMTs, IMTs & General Retail.
    • Neuro testing methods for measuring: Attention, Emotions, Memory.
  • Sneak Peek into Neuromarketing
    • Ever wondered why Cheetos orange dust gets smeared all across your face and fingers while you devour them?
    • Coke mimics a sexy feminine for its body!
    • What makes Virgin stand-out with its dark-marooned branding?
    • Why fashion models (Victoria secrets) pose with an ambiguous expression on their face?
    • The brain releases love hormones when it touches an iPhone. Do you know why?
    • Do you know the psychological origin of Golden Arches of McDonalds?
    • When IKEA changed its in-store display to rounded edges, sales rose by 15%. Why?
    • Citizen Bank in US utilized "Neuroplasticity" to "prime" walk-in customers through music, fragrance and images.
    • How Hugo Boss uses "Sensory Branding"?
    • Jeep used "Fetishism" to captivate the target market.
    • How banks, using pretty faces-attract customers to high interest loans?
  • Fees
    PKR 40,000 + 5% SST / participant.
    • Inclusive of Course material, IBA Workshop Certificate, Lunch, Refreshments & Business networking
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