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Memory Boosting Program For Corporate Excellence- January 28, 2020

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Download PDF
Venue: CEE@IBA,Karachi Reg Form
Info: ceeinfo@iba.edu.pk  
Contact: Tel: (0213) 8104700 (Ext: 1809, 1812)  
  • Overview

    After the workshop, each participant will get a certificate. Memory sessions will be conducted by the holder of five Guinness World Records. After completing the memory workshop, the participants will have all the tools to be able to remember speeches, sales talks, articles, names & faces, figures & facts, foreign languages, English vocabulary, important dates, telephone numbers, all the errands and appointments of the day, shopping lists, long digit numbers, items' or products' style numbers, recipes, directions, formulas & equations, jokes & anecdotes, and much more.

  • Faculty

    Abdul Basit

    Mr. Abdul Basit graduated as an MBA in Management Information Systems from Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi. He holds five Guinness World Records in the field of education and memory. He has been training professionals about how to remember things in their personal and business life for more than ten years in Dubai. Pakistan has got around 16 current Guinness World Records in education and memory category. Mr. Abdul Basit trained all 16 of them.

    He is the founding CEO of NumberTainment which provides trainings to develop and improve mind related skills including photographic memory, mental calculations, human calendar etc. Along with that NumberTainment is creating an awareness of educational entertainment with numbers & memory by conducting shows in Pakistan.

  • Topics Covered
    • Session 1: Demo of photographic memory, human calculation shows by beating the calculator, mind stimulating games, intellectual entertainment, and briefing of the course/workshop.
    • Session 2: Tie-up method of memory to connect and associate any two concepts or pieces of information, explanation, demonstration, and exercises.
    • Session 3: Hook words method of memory to remember numbers of any kind, explanation, demonstration, and exercises.
    • Session 4: Alternative words & phrases method of memory to remember names and faces, foreign language, hard English vocabulary, explanation, demonstration, and exercises.
  • Who should attend?

    Managers, supervisors, and the people who want to make a difference in their professional lives and excel in corporate world.

  • How will your (participant) benefit?

    The participant will have all the tools to be able to remember:

    • Speeches, sales talks, articles, etc.
    • Names and faces.
    • Figures & Facts.
    • Foreign Languages.
    • English Vocabulary.
    • Important Dates.
    • Telephone numbers.
    • All the errands and appointments of the day.
    • Shopping lists.
    • Long digit numbers.
    • Items' or products' style numbers.
    • Recipes.
    • Directions.
    • Formulas and Equations.
    • Jokes & Anecdotes.
    • And much more
  • Fees
    PKR 20,000 + 5% SST
    • Inclusive of Course material IBA Workshop Certificate Lunch Refreshments & Business networking
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