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Real-time Organizational Strategy Building with LEGO Serious - February 18 and 19, 2020

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Venue: CEE@IBA,Karachi Reg Form
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Contact: Tel: (0213) 8104700 (Ext: 1809, 1812)
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  • Introduction

    Business world is changing at a fast pace. It is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Under such volatile and uncertain conditions, traditional strategy making processes become somewhat ineffective. In such a dynamic environment, a real-time approach to strategy building is required that is specific to an organization and is reflective of their current goals. Traditional approaches to strategy making focus on projecting the past into the future or speculating about the future using current trends. Real-time strategy building is about living in the moment. It considers what is relevant to an organization right now and what precise strategy will help in accomplishing it. This organic approach to strategy building helps organizations create timely strategies that are relevant today and which could be transformed as organization moves from today into a new tomorrow.

    3D Critical Thinking will be used as an effective tool for real-time strategizing. 3D Critical Thinking draws on the extensive research from the fields of strategic management, organizational development, psychology, cognitive imaging and effective learning. 3D Critical Thinking involves building a physical model of a strategy by evoking and extracting useful insights and powerful thoughts. It presents answers to, and understanding of, issues in a concrete form that are easy to comprehend. Amongst other management areas, 3D Critical Thinking can be utilized for real-time strategy building for teamwork, leadership development, ideas generation, change management and opportunity/threat analyses.

    Furthermore, workshop will use the following learning and knowledge generation approaches to unleash insights, emotions, experiences and thinking:

    • Constructionism (building LEGO based strategy models).
    • -Metaphors (giving shape and form to thinking and experiences through symbolic representation).
    • -Story telling (explaining through imagination, impressions and/or characters).
  • Faculty
    Dr. Khurram Sharif:

    Dr Khurram Sharif did his MBA from Lancaster University and his PhD (in Business-to-Business Marketing) from Kingston University, United Kingdom. He has taught, trained and consulted in the GCC and the Sub-Continent regions. His experience ranges from Pharmaceutical Sales, Vocational Training and Higher Education. He is an International Master Trainer who has worked with a number of international blue chip clients. Dr Sharif uses 'experiential' approach to training where he involves himself and the participants in the knowledge creation and learning process. He is a Certified LEGO Serious Play Methodology (LSPM) Facilitator and has used LSPM for problem solving in Pakistani, Qatari and Malaysian organizations.

  • Topics Covered
    • Building individual strategy models.
    • Building shared strategy models.
    • Creating strategy landscape to give collective meaning to individual strategy models.
    • Establishing associations between individual and shared strategy models. These associations may represent value transfer, type of a relationship and/or preference of a relationship. Establishment of associations result in a strategy ecosystem.
    • Playing emergence and decisions within strategy ecosystem. Emergence are unpredictable dynamic events that usually lead to a change in the strategy ecosystem. Decisions are the actions you take in response to an opportunity or a challenge that is the result (or an outcome) of an unpredictable dynamic event.
    • Extracting real time strategies in the form of Simple Guiding Principles (SGPs). SGPs are the main takeaways from the workshop that help with real-time organizational strategy building.
  • Agenda
    • Individual model building.
    • Shared model building.
    • Creating strategy landscape.
    • Establishing a strategy ecosystem.
    • Playing emergence and decisions within the strategy ecosystem.
    • Extracting real time strategies in the form of Simple Guiding Principles.

    Please note that the total workshop time, excluding lunch and tea/coffee breaks, should be approximately 14-15 hours over two days.

  • How will you (participant) benefit?

    At the end of the workshop, the participants should be able to:

    • Physically visualize their organizational strategy through LEGO model building.
    • Share their individual reflections, thinking and experiences to create an organizational strategy.
    • View an organizational strategy from different perspectives through 100% engagement.
    • Live the strategy rather than just writing a strategic plan.
    • Channel their experiences, hopes, aspirations, fears and expectations into a real-time strategy.
    • Develop organizational 'presents' and 'futures' and explore different ways of responding to them.
  • Who should attend?

    In general, middle and senior managements should benefit from this hands-on workshop. More specifically, managers/directors dealing with leadership, team building, innovation management, change management, human resource management and relationship management strategies should find this workshop very useful.

  • Fees
    PKR 70,000/ + 5% SST / participant.
    • Inclusive of Course material, IBA Workshop Certificate, Lunch, Refreshments & Business networking
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