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Emotional Intelligence for change and uncertainty management - Online Session - 21 August, 2020

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  • Introduction

    Picture a manager who never loses his/her cool. Especially, in unpredictable times when morals are low and motivations are sinking. Think of someone who you love to talk to, respect their opinion and admire their calm approach to life. This person has high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI). This individual knows how to manage his/her emotions and regulate the emotions of others. This well-tempered human handles adversity with a smile. People with high EI (managers in particular) can positively engage and involve others by successfully tuning into their behaviors, feelings and thinking. They can build and sustain close relationships and pacify colleagues in difficult situations. Through practical applications of EI, effective human capital management becomes a reality. Hence, EI can be a very useful tool for getting the best out of your team.

  • Faculty

    Dr. Khurram Sharif is a senior member of the marketing faculty in the College of Business & Economics, Qatar University. He is also a business advisor to Mega Business Solutions, a Saudi Consulting firm. He did his MBA from Lancaster University and his PhD (in Business-to-Business Marketing) from Kingston University, United Kingdom. He has taught, trained and consulted in the Far East, GCC and the Sub-Continent regions. His experience ranges from Pharmaceutical Sales, Vocational Training, Innovation Management and Higher Education. He is an International Master Trainer and a Certified LEGO Serious Play Methodology Facilitator who has worked with a number of international blue chip clients. Dr. Sharif uses ‘experiential’ and ‘blended’ approaches to training where he involves himself and the participants in the learning process.

  • Topics Covered

    Module 1: Emotional Intelligence (EI): An Introduction

    • Qualities of a resilient manager
    • YOU and emotional landscape
    • Scope of EI in dealing with adversity
    • Individual Activity – Thinking to change reality
    • Individual Assessment – Your position on the EI continuum
    • Video Clip – The power of YOU
    • Video Clip – Changing the mental pattern

    Module 2: Regulating Emotions

    • Regulating emotional self in tough times
    • Regulating others emotions towards positivity
    • Achieving EI balance to induce happy touch
    • Individual Assessment – How emotionally intelligent are you?

    Module 3: Programming the brain

    • Thought process to handle uncertainty
    • Converting negative emotions into positive emotions
    • Practical strategies to build emotional intelligence
    • Strong emotions management
    • Individual Activity – Emotional Audit

    Module 4: Creating Emotionally Intelligent Teams

    • Roots of effective teamwork
    • Environment for effective teamwork
    • Perspective taking
    • Regulating teams emotions
    • Team based emotional thinking
    • Video Clip – The fish philosophy
    • Team Activity – Team based perspective taking
  • Agenda
    • Module 1: Emotional Intelligence (EI): An Introduction (1.5 hours)
    • Module 2: Regulating Emotions (2 hours)
    • Module 3: Programming the brain (1.5 hours)
    • Module 4: Creating Emotionally Intelligent Teams (2 hours)
  • Who should attend?

    This workshop should benefit anyone who wants to utilize emotional intelligence. More specifically, this workshop will be immensely useful for middle and senior management employees who are leading teams in this period of uncertainty and despair.

  • How will you (participant) benefit?

    Upon completion of the workshop, participants should be able to apply the learned concepts to improve their emotional intelligence by:

    • Utilizing emotionality as an effective team-building tool.
    • Improving decision-making through emotional balance.
    • Fostering motivation through developing and projecting positive mental energy.
    • Using communication for creating positive emotionality cycles.
    • Managing emotions of others for optimal performance in challenging work conditions.
    • Reducing conflict through management of strong emotions.
  • Material Covered

    Blended approach with emphasis on ‘experiential’ learning will be adopted to create a solid foundation for knowledge creation and sharing. A number of individual and group activities will create conducive environment for putting emotional intelligence strategies into practice. No prior workshop preparation will be needed. All materials will be provided during the workshop. There may be some light reading. If that is the case then the relevant materials will be provided on the first day of the workshop.

  • Fee

    Rs. 35,000 per participant.

    Inclusive of Course material, IBA Workshop E-Certificate, Business networking

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