Managing Family Businesses Third Series completed in Lahore

Managing Family Businesses Third Series completed in Lahore


The Center for Executive Education completed the third series of 10 workshops in Lahore on August 3, 2017. The series started in late 2015. The series was conducted by Prof. Parimal Merchant, Director with S P Jain School of Global Management in-charge of the Global FMB

Prof. Parimal Merchant has been conducting this series with IBA, Karachi in Pakistan since 2012. By now over 1000 family businessmen in Pakistan have gone through the program. Each of them without exception is looking forward to future with great optimism. He has delivered 28 workshops in Lahore and Karachi and 75+ seminars across Pakistan for communities and associations.

The series was attended by Family Business Owners, Employees working for family businesses, Spouses and next generation family members.

The 10th and the last workshop "How to get ready for 'tomorrow'? The role and process of business plan and innovation!", in Lahore was hosted by Learning & Development Center, Bank AlFalah. A total of 47 participants attended the 10th workshop in Lahore.

In future, CEE plans to bring more series like these in Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Multan, Karachi and other major cities in Pakistan.

Series Overview:

Attend the workshop series & find out for yourself the value that this program brings to your business, your family and to yourself. The series is designed to address the concerns about adapting to the emerging opportunities and managing the growth. It aims at providing a guided opportunity to the participants,

a. To reflect on their current style of running a business,
b. Identify the new elements required for gearing up for the change &
c. Start working on the same.

It involves structured work in all the three areas of Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude. It is not a subject-linked curriculum based program

Should you think of breaking the routine and add new perspectives in your business process, then this program is ideally suited for you!

The Series of 10 workshops (1.5 days) each:

1. What is the job of top management? Balancing between 'today' and 'tomorrow'.
2. How to decide on the priorities? Differentiating between opportunities and problems
3. Where to focus on business? Identifying areas that 'matter' and the areas to be 'abandoned'.
4. How to strengthen our business model? Understanding who will contribute to our success and why will they do so.
5. How to manage people? Different people need different treatment.
6. How to manage operations differently? Different kinds of task and different measures of time.
7. What value are we creating for whom? Identify the value, communicate and get rewarded for that.
8. How to manage money? Understanding finance and costs.
9. What goes in making a 'better' business? The role of strategy and the options we have.
10. How to get ready for 'tomorrow'? The role and process of business plan and innovation.


Prof. Parimal Merchant is the Director with S P Jain School of Global Management in-charge of the Global FMB – a distinctive 12-month management program for sons and daughters of business families. He has over 25 years of association with Management education from which 20 years specializing in the area of creating specialized programs adapting management education to the context of Family Managed Business. He is an advisor to the Asian Institute of Family Managed Business, which is a non-profit initiative to get sons and daughters of family businesses excited to join family business at a young age. He has been involved in profit improvement consultancy projects for nearly 30 years and has been involved with nearly 100 companies - both SME as well as corporates.