Center for Executive Education, IBA Karachi Partners with Pakistan Microfinance Network

Center for Executive Education, IBA Karachi Partners with Pakistan Microfinance Network

A promising partnership that will build greater resources for Micro-Finance professionals.

May 17, 2023: The Center for Executive Education (CEE) at IBA and the Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a partnership aimed at supporting the microfinance sector.

The collaboration will involve the development of specialized training programs for professionals in the sector, which will be facilitated by IBA's CEE. The signing ceremony took place at PMN's office in Islamabad, with attendees from IBA including Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, Executive Director IBA; Dr. Asad Ilyas, Registrar IBA; Dr. Abdullah Zafar Sheikh, Dean School of Business IBA; Kamran Bilgrami, Director Center for Executive Education, IBA; Dr. Sharjeel Hasnie, and the team from IBA. Mr. Ali Basharat, Head of Operations from PMN and other PMN Leadership members were also present on the occasion.

Recently, the IBA Karachi has established a new office in Islamabad expanding its nationwide imprint. IBA's executive education center, known as the IBA CEE (Center for Executive Education), is currently operational at NIBAF in H-8, Islamabad.

PMN is an organization that represents major microfinance banks, non-banking microfinance institutions (NBMFIs), and government support programs. Through this partnership with IBA's CEE, they will deliver specialized leadership and management training programs for professionals in the microfinance sector. The MOU signing ceremony in Islamabad marked the celebration of this collaboration.

Dr. Akbar Zaidi acknowledged the significance of microfinance institutions while appreciating PMN's role as the industry's central repository of information. He also highlighted that PMN has meaningfully contributed to establishing the sector's credibility on a global level.

Syed Mohsin Ahmad, CEO of PMN, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, emphasizing the value of IBA's expertise in delivering research-based training to enhance the skills of professionals in the field.

About IBA CEE: The CEE has a strong network of local and global faculty members and collaborations and currently offers capacity building programs in several cities for Enterprises, Public Sector Organizations and Family Businesses.

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