CEE IBA Conducts a Webinar on "Succession Planning for Family Business"

CEE IBA Conducts a Webinar on Succession Planning for Family Business

October 24, 2020: The Family Managed Business Program at the Center for Executive Education, IBA, Karachi, organized a webinar on "Succession Planning for Family Business" from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM with Russ Haworth from The Family Business Partnership.

The speaker emphasized the need for conversations on the future of the family in business in terms of family ownership and leadership in business. Russ discussed tools for improved governance and frameworks for a successful transition from one generation to the next so that the family and the business both are integrated and synchronized. The webinar was curated by Aysha Anas Iftikhar, Academic Director, Family Managed Business Program and hosted by IBA Visiting Faculty Mr. Mohsin Adhi.

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