Workshop on Train the Trainer - 10 & 11 March, 2023

10 & 11 March 2023: The Center for Executive Education (CEE), IBA hosted a workshop on Finance for Non-Finance Executives at the IBA City Campus. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Khurram Sharif, who is a Professor of Marketing at Qatar University. Mr. Sharif is also an International Master Trainer with more than 15 years of industry experience.

In this two-day workshop, participants gained skills in delivering high-impact training sessions by identifying their learning styles and through engaging & fun-to-deliver content.

New ideas, techniques, and tools to accelerate learning process were also discussed. Participants were able to build on their current knowledge and acquire new tactics to engage and involve people in experiential learning. The trainer, Mr. Khurram Sharif encouraged each attendee to create an activity-based learning environment that will involve role plays, games, and improvisations. Participants had numerous opportunities for skills practice largely in group settings.

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Program Participants:

Sana Tauseef
Saima Husain
Maria Hassan
Amber Gul Rashid
Tahira Jaffery
Ameer Hassan
Fawad Ahmed
Shumaila Umar