Diploma in Strategic Marketing- Sat-Sun

Time: Sat: 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Sat: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Sun: 10:00am to 1:00pm
Sun: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
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Venue: CEE@IBA,Karachi Flyer
Info: ceeinfo@iba.edu.pk apply online
Contact: Tel: (0213) 8104701 (Ext: 1812, 1804, 1809)  
Registration: 2nd October, 2019
Online Forms availability 2nd October, 2019
Submission of forms deadline 25th December, 2019
Interviews 30th December , 2019
Fee and Document Submission 30th December , 2019
Orientation Ceremony 4th January, 2020
Class commencement 4th January, 2020
  • Diploma Overview

    Marketing leadership is about mobilizing the organization internally so that it keeps improving, innovating, adapting and delivering while externally focusing relentlessly on customer needs.

    Diploma in Marketing will help those who want to attain corporate leadership through Marketing!

    Marketing is Demand management. Selling at a profit! Understanding customer needs. And fulfilĀ¬ling them through Products & Services. This is achieved through an ongoing communication exchange-regular and consistent-to build a trust. Which eventually creates loyalty and repeat customers for brands.

    The programme encompasses four major areas: Marketing Management, Neuro-marketing, Brand Management and Advertising.

    Spanning over 4-months, the Diploma will have week-end classes only on Saturday & Sundays.

  • Diploma Objectives
    • Develop Market Strategies
    • Capturing Market Insights through Research and Consumer behavior techniques
    • Creating long-term growth
    • Understanding customer needs-tangible, in-tangible-through Neuro-marketing
    • Pricing methods
    • Segmentation and Target marketing
    • Building strong brands
    • Developing Iconic, Cult and Lifestyle Brands.
    • Positioning, re-positioning and de-positioning brands
    • Extending brands into different categories
    • Creating effective TV commercials, Print ads, Digital marketing campaigns and Publicity
    • Managing GRPs, CPRP, and Effective Reach & Frequency.
  • Who Should Attend?
    • All those aspiring to make marketing their career.
    • Current Marketing job holders to further galvanize their Marketing skills for faster growth
  • Pedagogy

    Learning from the best practices & functions of projects around the world:

    • Lecture (Class room & Video Conference)
    • Project (Live business cases from the organizations)
    • Group Activities / Simulations/ Syndicate
    • Visits: Strategic Locations
    • Learning Management System
    • Learning from the practitioners
    • Guest Speakers
    • In-depth study of various projects in Pakistan
      • Manual
      • Case Studies
      • International Journals
      • Text Books
  • Eligibility

    An applicant must have:

    • A bachelor's degree from HEC recognized educational institution in any area of study.
    • An adequate post qualification work experience.
  • Admission Criteria
    • Admissions will be based on Panel Interviews.
    • Each application will be thoroughly screened and will only be accepted if deemed suitable for the program.
    • Nominations with incomplete application forms and incomplete documents will not be entertained.
  • Program Fees
    Program Fees: PKR 150,000/- (excluding all applicable taxes)

    Advance Payment Schedule Total
    Total fee in Advance Aer 15% discount PKR 127,500
    Last date of fee submission 24th December, 2019
    (Group Discounts are available)
    Installments Payment Schedule Total
    Total Fee (if paid in 4 equal installments) PKR 37,500 PKR 37,500 PKR 37,500 PKR 37,500 PKR 150,000
    Last Date of fee submission 24th December, 2019 10th January, 2020 8th February, 2020 9th March, 2020  

    • Fee Includes: Processing fees, Test and Exam Fees, Diploma and Transcript. Fees do not include course material, books and stationery.
    • Admission fees PKR 1000/-
  • Payment

    Payment is due upon receipt of the acceptance of participants to the program along with the invoice. Please ensure that the payment reaches the CEE Office before commencement of the program because seat in the class will only be reserved once the fee is received.

    Payment can be made via cheque / bank draft payable to the "Institute of Business Administration, Karachi" at the following address:
    Center for Executive Education (CEE)
    IBA, City Campus, Garden/Kayani Shaheed Road,

    For online payments via credit cards:
    From dropdown 1 & 2 please select 'Executive Education'

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